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Note This tutorial shows you how to install a modpack on a Minecraft launcher, not the actual server. If you want to install a modpack on your server, follow this tutorial.

Note Try these other launchers to a larger list of modpacks: GDLauncher, ATLauncher, Voids Wrath Launcher.

How to install the FTB launcher on your computer

1. Download the FTB launcher installer on your personal computer. (Click on the 'Download' button).

2. Click on the FTB AppInstaller.exe file downloaded in Step 1 to begin the installation process. 

3. Follow the installation steps to continue installing. Overwolf will auto-install on your computer in addition to FTB. 

How to install a modpack on the FTB Launcher
Open the FTB launcher. Select the modpack of your choice.

2. Click the green Install button. 

3. Select the desired version then click Install.

3. Once it has finished installing, click Play to begin playing the modpack.

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