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Garry’s Mod describes itself as a physics sandbox, but any fan knows that just inside the server browser is an entire universe to explore. Minigames, roleplaying maps, PvP, and so much more. Our Garry’s Mod servers give owners the tools to play how they want while also providing a reliable and top-notch home for their communities. Not to mention BisectHosting’s 24/7 support team!

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OUR features

always online
Always Online
Never worry about unnecessary downtime! Our servers are always online, allowing your community to play no matter the time.
garry’s mod ddos protection
We aim to provide the safest servers around! All Garry’s Mod server hosting comes with DDoS protection at no extra charge.
24/7 garry’s mod support
No setup is too hard with support like ours! New users and veterans alike can rest easy knowing our professional support team is standing by.
steam workshop compatibility
Steam Workshop Compatibility
Whether it is TTT, DarkRP, or a Steam Workshop collection, our custom game server panel makes installs as easy as can be. And don’t forget our support team, who are eager to assist clients in need!
automated updates
Automated Updates
Updates for Garry’s Mod come more often than one may think! Our system automatically applies all official updates. No commands required. Manual options offered.
multiple server locations
Multiple Server Locations
Our Garry’s Mod server hosting offers 20 server locations from around the globe. The closer the server is to your community, the better the latency!
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Easy to manage

Garry’s Mod includes quite a bit of modding, and our custom game server panel was made with mods in mind. New users will find an easy-to-navigate panel where first-time installs can begin quickly, while veterans will find the depth and customization they crave.
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Friendly and professional support

Everyone begins somewhere! Luckily our Garry’s Mod support team is standing by. No matter the date or time, they are happy to help with Garry’s Mod server hosting questions regarding game modes or more technical problems should they ever arise. All with an average wait of 15 minutes for ticket replies. Reach out through Discord, ticket, or LiveChat, or check out our troubleshooting knowledgebase.
24/7/365 Garry’s Mod Support

24/7/365 Garry’s Mod Support

From the darkest hours of the night to weekends on leap years, our support is open and ready to handle your request within an average of 15 minutes.


Our team has extensive knowledge about all of our games for you to use. Reach out, and a specialist will always be there to help.
Personalized Support

Personalized Support

Our Garry’s Mod server hosting livechat and tickets are handled exclusively by humans. So, no goblins, zombies, or robots will be wasting your time!

Worldwide Server Hosting Locations

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multiplayer server hosting garry’s mod gameplay characters

Building a Server Community

Our servers allow you to host the game modes you desire. If made public, that can even lead to regulars and a community forming! Regardless of the future your server has in store, know our top-of-the-line hardware and server customization options have you covered for any adventure that unfolds.
garry’s mod characters at a house party

Gamemodes, Maps, & More

Garry’s Mod has countless forms of entertainment to explore! Minigames, roleplaying maps, and PvP combat modes are just a few examples of what users have created. With Garry’s Mod server hosting from BisectHosting, you can easily change up your mods and settings so you’ll never be bored.
garry’s mod character running away on balloon vehicle

Garry’s Mod Made Easy

The idea of adding mods may seem daunting, but with our custom game server panel, the process is made easy. Complete with our step-by-step guides, any server owner will have no trouble learning the basics. And no matter the scenario, our support staff is always standing by to answer your questions.

A few reviews from trustpilot

Hesitant about trusting a new host? We completely understand! Thankfully we have a fantastic community who have shared their experiences. Check out their reviews and see why they choose BisectHosting!
Choup Suey
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"The Customer Service is 🔥"
This is the only Server Hosting that i could really recommend because their customer service is really fast and quick to act also friendly too. Their prices is super cheap too and lastly even though it’s cheap, i never have any problems when it comes with the server i used. So that’s why I’m always gonna recommend BisectHosting for a Server Hosting based on my experience with them from the past until now.
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"Quick and helpful response"
Easy to set up, reasonably priced and great support.
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"Easy server setup with tons of video…"
Easy server setup with tons of video guides for even the littlest of things

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I install mods from the Steam Workshop on my Garry’s Mod server?




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