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Communication is key for growing a community, and what better way is there to communicate other than using a Mumble server? Allow your server community to thrive and play together while giving them an easy and dependable method of communication.

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low latency network connections
Low latency network connections
Voice servers rely on having fast, low latency network connections to ensure you can communicate without issues. All of our voice servers have low latency connections with redundant links to different network providers to ensure you can always keep chatting no matter where your users are.
24/7 server support
24/7 Server Support
We have a support team that is around any time of day, any day of the week throughout the year to ensure you always have someone human you can talk to if you have any questions.
ddos protection
DDOS Protection
All of our mumble servers come with DDOS protection by default, meaning you will be protected from any attacker that tries to take down your server.
full file access
Full File Access
We offer full file access to our Mumble server hosting, allowing you to make any changes you require such as installing plugins or uploading your own custom configuration you already have
daily backups
Daily Backups
All of our servers are backed up daily to ensure you never lose any changes you have made and can recover in an instant in the event of any issues occurring.
multiple voice server locations
Multiple Voice Server Locations
We have 17 locations you can choose from, meaning you can always host your server close to you to ensure you have the lowest latency possible. Even just a few milliseconds of latency difference in a game through voice chat can make all the difference!

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Easy to manage

With our custom server control panel, you have full access to customize and control your server, from full file access to daily backups, we have everything you need to run your server easily and effectively.
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Friendly and professional support

Our Voice servers come with 24/7/365 support as standard, no more waiting days to get issues resolved or having to talk with bots to get through to a human.
24/7/365 Support

24/7/365 Support

With a 20 minute average response time, no matter what day or time of the year, you can rest easy knowing you can get any questions or issues resolved very quickly.
Qualified Staff

Qualified Staff

Our staff has a variety of knowledge in all different types of software and configuration changes for voice servers, with a collective of over 100 years of experience, we can always help you out.
Personalized support

Personalized support

There are no bots here (Unless you’re a bot?), all of our support team are 100% human (We think), so you always get the answer you need and have your issues resolved very quickly!

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A few reviews from trustpilot

We have thousands of reviews from our awesome customers, our number one priority is to provide the best service and support that we can!
Thomas R
"Perfect server space rental"
Perfect server space rental for gaming. No issues and lots of fun. Easy to manage as well.
Davin C
"Great response time"
Really good service so far no issues yet and great response time to questions asked. Easy to understand website and great interface for server commands as well as great video explanations for possible questions.
"Bisect is more then a service"
Truly an awesome team from support up to the managers. The service is great and I have nothing but positive things to say. Bisect is more then a service, it’s a community.

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