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Whether you want to run a Minecraft server, run a voice server, or host a website, a VPS server allows you to do what you want without limitation! Our VPS server hosting provides you with stable and secure resources in order to allow your ideas to come to life, packed with protections and reference databases to help you make the most of your server.

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About VPS servers

Here at BisectHosting, we offer high-quality Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, which allows server owners more control over their servers. Whether you're looking to host your own websites (business or personal), discord bots, mumble servers, or manage any other software, our VPS server hosting services can ensure you have full control over what your server can run, allow you to customize things how you want, when you want. If you need flexible server hosting that is malleable to different demands quickly, consider a VPS today!

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Dedicated Server Hardware

You have full control over all the hardware in the system, ensuring all the resources can be used for the services and games you are running. Organize your resources as you see fit, letting you run anything from web servers to control panels to any game server software you want.

Larger Storage Capacity

Our dedicated servers come with a much larger storage capacity than VPS servers, making them the better server hosting option when speed is key. Dedicated servers are hosted with ultra-fast NVMe SSDs, along with larger-capacity HDDs.


With the flexibility of options we provide for Dedicated servers, you can choose the configuration and setup you want, from being able to choose your own OS along with different CPU, RAM, and Storage options.



Central US Location

Our VPS servers are hosted in Dallas, TX, meaning you have great latency to all the US and even Europe.


Our fully featured control panel allows you to control all aspects of your server along with full root SSH/SFTP access! You have full control over your server's setup and configuration, but with this, the easy-to-use control panel for reinstalling your OS or installing additional software with one click. If you can dream it, chances are our VPS hosting services can make it a reality for you!

Daily Backups

All of our VPS server hosting includes automatic backups every day, ensuring any bad configuration change or issue that could happen, you are always able to keep your data secure.

Easy to manage

With our different options for control panels that can be installed on your VPS, along with the Virtualizor Control panel, you will be able to get your server up and running with ease. With prices starting at just $4/month, hosting a VPS has never been easier!
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Friendly and professional support

Our VPS server experts are around 24/7 to provide any help you need with your VPS servers. Whilst our VPS servers are unmanaged, we can help you with any questions and point you in the right direction for any questions you may have.
24/7/365 Support

24/7/365 Support

We offer support every day, every hour of the year. With an average response time of only 15, rest assured that you can get help with your servers no matter what.


Our support team has a variety of backgrounds covering pretty much everything from OS quirks to installing different software; we are always on hand to help you out.
Personalized Support

Personalized Support

No one likes bots (Sorry if you are one); our staff are 100% human and on hand, ready to help you out with any questions regarding your servers with us.

A few reviews from trustpilot

We pride ourselves on the level of support and services we offer to our customers; here are just a few of the thousands of reviews we have.
"Excellent service!"
Excellent service! I would recommend them to anyone looking for affordable solutions on gaming servers and vps.
Andrew H
"Easy to use high performance VPS"
I run a small minecraft sever and a few smaller Linux boxes for random background tasks on Bisect, and have been very satisfied.
Pete D
"Really responsive and helpful"
Bisect hosting has been really responsive and helpful to me as I set up my virtual private server. I had used them before for a minecraft server, but this VPS I am setting up as a web server and they helped me figure out how to use my existing domain that I didn't get through them.

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