Whether you want to run a Minecraft server, host a website, or run a voice server; a Dedicated server allows you to have your own personalized server to achieve what you are looking to do! Our Dedicated servers provide you with powerful hardware and secure assets to allow your ideas to come to life.

Our experts will help you pick the plan that’s right for you!

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About dedicated servers

Dedicated server hosting is where your website or server operations have their own private server to function on. You choose your own resource limits such as bandwidth and RAM, assuring that you will have enough resources to make your site run smoothly.

  • You’re in total control of your server and its resource limits from the start! Dedicated server hosting tends to be allocated for medium to big business sits, but if you’re ambitious, you can save time in the long run by signing up for a dedicated server plan.
  • Making that decision isn’t easy though! You may find yourself caught up in deciding which type of server hosting to go for - in which case, allow our experts to help! We’re spent our fair share of time online and are knowledgable about website hosting.
  • We will help you break down the differences between VPS and dedicated server hosting. By the end of this guide, there should be little doubt over which hosting plan to go for.




You decide how your server is configured. You’ll be able to run your game and web servers on our dedicated hardware, with you having full control over the server anytime you need to.


For a minimal setup fee; we at BisectHosting will set up your dedicated server for Minecraft server hosting, or anything else you’d like to use your server for. Just let us know what you’re looking to do and we will help you achieve what you want to do!


BisectHosting only provides the highest quality server hardware hosted in secure and professional data centers, giving you the highest possible server reliability and peace of mind.




VPS Servers are hosted in Dallas, TX; providing great latency and connection for the US and Europe. This server allows each user to install their own OS and software, allowing for the best customization and performance for each person.


Manage your VPS Server details with the Virtualizor control panel and control your server in any way you want with full root SSH/SFTP access! You decide the details about your server’s resource limits including everything from the allocated RAM, bandwidth, and many other components.


Daily backups are taken of all your server site data that can be restored if anything goes wrong at any point in time! This assures that no matter what you’re working on, you’re able to keep previous data secure.

Easy to manage

We offer our dedicated with a choice of control panels (Or just have full SSH access to install any control panel you wish!), these include:
  • Multicraft
  • Pterodactyl
  • BisectHosting Premium Control panel (No SSH Access)
These control panel options allow you to easily manage game servers on your server with minimal knowledge of running a server but with the advantages of dedicated hardware. For the easiest experience, we recommend using our Premium control panel which you can see more of here:
Ready to start?

Friendly and professional support

Our support team is available 24/7 to help with anything you need on your server, whilst our Dedicated servers are unmanaged, we do endevour to provide help and advice where we can! With our Premium control panel for dedicated servers, we can even manage the hardware/software on the server so you can focus on running your game servers.
24/7/365 Support
24/7/365 Support
We are available no matter what hour of the day or day of the year so you have peace of mind you can run your server without issues.
Qualified Staff
Qualified Staff
Our team has a vast array of knowledge for running dedicated servers on different operating systems and running different games, always happy to help with anything you need on your server.
Personalized Support
Personalized Support
Our support is all 100% human and available within minutes to help you out to ensure you have the best experience possible running your server with us.

A few reviews from trustpilot

We have thousands of happy customers and with a 4.6 rating on Trustpilot, we can prove it!
"It runs very smoothly"
I've set up a handful of dedicated servers before, and this was probably the easiest one. It runs very smoothly, was fairly straight forward to mod, and support was quick to respond to the one problem I had getting set up.
Kathryn N
"Customer service is wonderful!!!"
Customer service is wonderful!!! Huge shout out to the System Admin; Andrew, and Jeremiah on customer support. Smooth and seamless transition to a dedicated server.
"very fast and is very knowledgable"
The support for bisect hosting is very fast and is very knowledgable. The servers also perform very well (both dedicated servers and minecraft hosting).

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