7 Days To Die Server Hosting

An open world filled with the undead and survivors fighting for what little remains as well as the freedom to build civilization anew should you stay alive. How long will you manage to survive? Our 7 Days to Die dedicated servers automate the backend so you can focus on fighting against the living dead. And with modding made easy, 24/7 support, and top-of-the-line hardware, our prices can’t be beaten!

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OUR features

instant setup
Instant Setup
Our servers are setup instantly. Jump right into the game or start modding away!
24/7/365 support
24/7/365 Support
Just like the restless undead, our support never sleeps! No matter the date or time, our professional team is standing by to help with 7 Days to Die server hosting.
7d2d ddos protection
7D2D DDOS Protection
Let us focus on keeping your server safe while you protect your base! All BisectHosting servers come with DDOS protection at no extra charge.
mod support
Mod Support
Our 7 Days to Die dedicated servers fully support mods. And with our custom game server panel, modding is easier than ever!
automated updates
Automated Updates
Our system includes automated 7D2D updates free of charge. No commands required. Manual options offered.
multiple server locations
Multiple Server Locations
Choose from 20+ server locations across the globe! The closer to home, the better the latency.
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Easy to manage

Our fully featured control panel was custom-made for new users and veterans alike. Those seeking to manage basic settings before taking on the undead will be able to do so with ease, while veterans will be able to tweak aspects to create their perfect zombie sandbox. We offer a full range of tools, such as 7 Days to Die server hosting consoles, 7 days of local backups, full file repository access, and our incredible troubleshooting knowledgebase. For a complete tour, please see our video guide below.

Enjoy heroic 24/7/365 support during the apocalypse to ensure you have the play session you expect. Whether you’re new to this and need help running your 7 Days to Die dedicated server or can’t seem to get that one modpack to install properly, our team of experts is ready and available at all hours.
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Friendly and professional support

No matter the time or date, our support is here 24/7/365 days a year. Be it through our knowledgebase, tickets, or livechat, know your questions are welcomed, and our staff will swiftly handle any problems with 7 Days to Die server hosting in the rare case they arise. You can also get community support through our Discord Server. We pride ourselves on having the best support around, and our team will work tirelessly to never let you down!
24/7/365 Support

24/7/365 Support

Tickets and livechat are open year-round! Should trouble arise, never hesitate to contact us for a timely reply. You could also get community support through our Discord Server.


Each member of our professional team is trained to handle every game we host. They can even help with questions concerning mods.
Personalized support

Personalized support

There are no zombies or robots here! Our support places you with a human from the start for any 7 Days to Die server hosting questions.

Worldwide Server Hosting Locations

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post-apocalyptic city with zombies

Apocalyptic Survival with Friends

Take on the undead apocalypse with friends by your side! Build to defend against the undead hoards, discover the hidden secrets of a ruined world, or betray your friends for all their loot! With our 7 Days to Die dedicated servers, your survival story is yours to decide.
wild west town with zombies

Customize Your Experience

Tired of standard gameplay? Want to change things up in 7D2D? Then we have good news for you! Our servers fully support mods allowing you to craft your custom undead experience. All of which are managed right from our game server panel!
player in 7 days to die fighting zombies with electric sword

Hardware Fit for Pros

For modding or large worlds, only the best hardware will do. Thankfully you can rely on BisectHosting to have the most competitive equipment on the market optimized for hosting servers for games like 7 Days to Die. We hate lag just as much as you!

A few reviews from trustpilot

It is our goal to not only meet but exceed your expectations! Here are a few words from our fantastic community that happen to agree. We hope yours will be among them one day when you try our 7 Days to Die dedicated servers!
Gustavo Barra
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bisecthosting star icon
"Friendly console and settings"
Friendly console and settings. Good quality on servers (7 days to die).
Luis C
bisecthosting star icon
bisecthosting star icon
bisecthosting star icon
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bisecthosting star icon
"Easy to set up & Manage"
I normally ignore reviews or don’t care enough but
Bisect really deserves the 5 stars. I ordered my server & was playing in no time at all with my friends. It was so easy to set up & manage. Well Done Bisect hosting!
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bisecthosting star icon
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"This is one of the best Server hosting…"
This is one of the best Server hosting companies I have ever been with, I have been with 6 Server Hosting companies and none of them have as good, fast, and reliable service as BisectHosting. I really and highly recommend them if you want to host a server!.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Check out our comprehensive library of rental servers that operate globally with 24/7/365 expert support on game mechanics, modpacks, mods, plugins, and more. With a custom control panel designed with both new server hosts and skilled veterans in mind, there’s no time like the present to upgrade your gaming. It’s dangerous to go alone–start hosting a 7 Days to Die dedicated server now.