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About BisectHosting

BisectHosting was started in 2011 by Andrew and Max, two friends with a shared passion for Minecraft. Max had started a Minecraft server that got big enough to need an upgrade to VPS hosting, then to a dedicated servers. They eventually needed to buy their own hardware.

The process was frustrating and they had no one to help, but they learned a whole lot along the way. So they started their own hosting company to help other Minecraft players set up their own servers. A server host with experts on staff to help troubleshoot all kinds of different issues, along with the features to make hosting easy and fun.

Now BisectHosting supports 50++ different games, powering some of the best gaming communities out there!

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Talk To Us

We hired a team of gaming server and modding experts who are ready to help get your game up and running. Their job is to take questions, solve setup issues, and troubleshoot mod conflicts all day long. If something’s broken or not working like it should, we’ve probably seen it before.

Our support team is available 24/7 to take your questions. You’re also welcome to see if we have a solution in our knowledgebase. If you’re ever stuck, just send in a ticket and we’ll respond in about 15 minutes.
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