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Bosses around every turn, countless mysteries to explore, and a world that is yours. Terraria lets you choose how the adventure will unfold, and what better way to have your story told than alongside friends? No matter your choice, BisectHosting will ensure the world remains online while your friends and family enjoy their time. And with our 24/7 Terraria server support, a custom game server panel, and mod support, get ready to experience quality at an excellent price!

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OUR features

always online
Always Online
Adventures have no set hours! Our Terraria servers are always online, allowing your friends and family to play no matter the time.
24/7 support
24/7 Support
Our Terraria support specialists are standing by 24/7/365. And that’s with an average wait of only twenty minutes for replies!
terraria ddos protection
Terraria DDOS Protection
We make it our mission to protect your experience. All Terraria servers come with DDOS protection enabled for free from the start.
mod/plugin support
Mod/Plugin Support
TShock and TModloader installs are included free of charge. Don’t waste time with pesky installs and jump right into the game!
automated updates
Automated Updates
Our Terraria servers handle all vanilla, TShock, and TModloader updates automatically. No commands required. Manual options offered.
multiple server locations
Multiple Server Locations
Keep your server close to home with 17 hosting locations from around the globe. The closer your server is, the better the latency!
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Easy to manage

Our custom game server panel was designed for new users and veterans alike. Those seeking to jump right into the game will find an easy-to-navigate user interface, while veterans will find the depth and control they require. Check out our panel overview below!
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Friendly and professional support

Vanilla, TShock, TModloader, there is no aspect of Terraria our staff is not ready for. And no matter the hour or time of year, our qualified team will be there when you need them most. We pride ourselves on having the best support around, and while we can not beat the bosses for you, our Terraria specialists will always find a fitting guide. All within an average of 20 minutes time.
24/7/365 Support
24/7/365 Support
Our support staff from around the globe are ready to assist no matter the day or hour. And with an average wait of no more than 20 minutes, we’re the fastest around!
Qualified staff
Qualified staff
Be it help with vanilla Terraria, TShock, or Tmodloader, our professional staff are ready to put their experience to use. Many of us love Terraria just as much as you!
Personalised support
Personalised support
There are no cyborgs or bots to be found here! If you reach out, a human will be there to help.

Worldwide Server Hosting Locations

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adventure with friends

Adventure With Friends

Experience Terraria in a persistent online world with friends and family by your side! The server remains online, allowing members to play on their own time, and exploring larger worlds is an adventure for more than two. Don’t forget PVP to steal your best friend’s loot!
tshock & plugin support

TShock & Plugin Support

Starting a public server or interested in making server-side changes for friends? Then TShock and plugins may be for you! From multiple worlds to adding crossplay, there are plenty of plugins to choose. The best part? Plugins are entirely server-side, meaning players don’t need to download additional files.
tmodloader & mod support

TModloader & Mod Support

Tired of vanilla Terraria? Beat it 1000 times already? Then it's perhaps time for a little revival! Using TModloader and mods, add new armors, bosses, and biomes, making the experience your very own. And with so many mods out there, no playthrough ever has to be the same again!

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Erik Larsen
"I really like Bisect Hosting because of…"
I really like Bisect Hosting because of how easy and simple it is to run my terraria server with it. It’s a really high-quality server for a cheaper price than anything else I was able to find.
gohpaujin productions
"Amazing customer service"
Amazing customer service, helped me set up things i didn’t know how to set up and was really patient with me, also gave me very good instructions and directions for my questions and fast response as well
Heather Boggs
"It’s great for my group!"
This server hoster was recommended to me by my now co-owner, and although at first we had some trouble we have come pretty far. None of us have ever run a server before, but seeing as I’m the oldest I made sure to take care of my younger friends interests and ram straight into it. Thank you for making that possible for us!

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