The chance to start anew in monster-ridden lands, a nation’s rise at the player’s command, and an ever-generating world for your kingdom to expand. Our servers tell your colony’s story without an ounce of lag, no matter how many citizens you may have. And with BisectHosting’s full mod support, top-of-the-line hardware, and famous 24/7/365 support, the value of our servers is unmatched!

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OUR features

instant setup
Instant Setup
Our Colony Survival servers are set up for hosting without the slightest delay. Jump right into the server the instant the payment is made!
24/7 support
24/7 Support
24/7/365, BisectHosting is always by your side. Experience professional support for your colony no matter the date or time.
ddos protection
DDOS Protection
Colony sieges come in all shapes and forms! Protect your server with our DDOS protection at no extra charge.
mod support
Mod Support
Our custom control panel makes modding a breeze. Select your favorite mods from Steam and upload them with ease!
automated updates
Automated Updates
Updating while hosting your Colony Survival server is made easy and done entirely from our side, giving your server the latest content the moment it goes live. No commands required. Manual options offered.
multiple server locations
Multiple Server Locations
BisectHosting proudly offers 20 locations across the globe so that there is always an option close to home. The closer the server, the better the latency!
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Easy to manage

We designed our one-of-a-kind control panel for new users and veterans alike. Those seeking to jump into the game will not need to waste any time fiddling with settings online, while those seeking customization will find our online file management within record time. Please take our short tour below to prepare you to host your Colony Survival server!
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Friendly and professional support

BisectHosting sets the industry standard for support and seeks to improve further each and every day. Reach out through ticket support online, explore our endless halls of knowledgebase guides, or send us a message through Live Chat support and speak with a human right from the start. We also have a Discord server where you can get community support.
24/7/365 Support

24/7/365 Support

Our Colony Survival server hosting support is available around the clock, 365 days a year. And with an average wait of 15 minutes for a reply, time is never wasted on a down server that should be live.


Experience the world of difference a professional team makes. Even with the rarest of issues, our survival specialists will always take on the challenge!
Personalized Support

Personalized Support

AI grows better and better, but none have met our support quality standards! Every avenue of support BisectHosting offers places you with a human right away.

Worldwide Server Hosting Locations

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colony survival character on a farm

Create an Empire to Call Your Own

Every great empire has its humble beginnings! Survive the first night, build your keep, and expand across an ever-generating world to show your might. But don’t forget, not all of your citizens can fight! Defense and scientific progress are a must for those seeking to build a civilization that will stand the test of time on your hosted Colony Survival server.
colony survival character close-up

Build Together or Alone

Take advantage of the extensive multiplayer gameplay in which friends can build an empire together or head off into the world to create a rival colony of their own. As each player progresses, trading items and science becomes a way for everyone to grow together across the randomly generated globe.
colony survival empire from afar

Customize Your Experience

Experience the Colony Survival playthrough of your dreams by hosting a custom server with mods right from Steam! Our control panel makes modding as easy as can be, and never forget it is always an option to reach out to our fantastic support team.

A few reviews from trustpilot

Trusting your gaming experience to a server host isn’t a decision to be taken lightly! Thankfully, thousands of our clients have taken the time to share their experiences with BisectHosting. Here are just three reviews of the 7,000+ on our Trustpilot page.
Joseph Lockhart
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bisecthosting star icon
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bisecthosting star icon
"BisectHosting’s Helpful Support"
Throughout my experiences over the months, the support faculty have been very helpful for various issues. From crashes based on mods and my friends’ farms breaking and spawning too many items, to the installations of modpacks that I’m not comfortable with, and for this review; helping me assess a modpack issue before installation. I haven’t found a reason to complain about their services, in fact the rare crashes are caused by my group of friends and BisectHosting’s support has solved every issue so far.
Câlli vain
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bisecthosting star icon
"Patient and quick to respond"
I was very inexperienced in what I was doing, but the support was extremely patient and helpful, never annoyed with me placing questions or seeming a bit lost. Im beyond happy with the service and kindness of the team member, it was a very pleasant experience and fast help.
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bisecthosting star icon
"Spur of the moment"
Spur of the moment, me and a friend wanted a modded Minecraft server, super cheap, and super fast, we were online and playing with 15 minutes. Great customer support too, tickets get answered so quickly.

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It’s dangerous to game alone. Browse our extensive library of rental servers and all the extra perks that come with, such as 24/7 expert game support and a custom control panel. Open a world of possibilities by renting a Colony Survival server from BisectHosting today.