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Intergalactic travel in Space Engineers takes a lot of imagination, creativity, and the drive to explore the stars with a purpose. With the world at your fingertips, our Space Engineers server hosting services can help take your journeys to a new level by bringing your very own community to the stars!

If you’re looking for a lag-free environment to blast off to with around-the-clock support staff ready for any level of “Houston, we have a problem,” you’ve come to the right place.

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OUR features

instant setup
Instant Setup
Our Space Engineers dedicated servers are accessible immediately after your first payment. So, you won’t miss a second on your planetary journey.
24/7 space engineers support
An engineer’s job is never quite complete in space, and while you’re working to maintain your expansion in Space Engineers, our support staff is here to help you maintain your Space Engineers server around the clock every day!
space engineers ddos protection
While you’re fighting all the enemies in space, we ensure you have more protection than just your shields. BisectHosting’s Space Engineers servers offer DDoS protection for free.
mod support
Mod Support
Introducing mods to your Space Engineers dedicated servers is easier than ever with our custom control panel.
automated updates
Automated Updates
Space won’t colonize itself! We cover game updates the second they go live, giving you more time to focus on your builds and exploration.
multiple server locations
Multiple Server Locations
While you’re focusing on the next location to visit, we ensure that servers around the world give you the choice to play with your friends wherever they are.
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Easy to manage

Our custom control panel provides all the info you need in convenient and easy-to-navigate places. Whether you’re looking to check data, manage backup saves, user lists, or mod integrations - it’s all at your fingertips! By combining this powerful panel with our support backbone and Space Engineers server hosting, you can get right into the thick of things with no fear of being left behind.
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Friendly and Professional Support

At BisectHosting, we take our customer support system as a point of pride and prioritize user experience at all levels of the process. Whether it’s in an online ticket or by using our live support chat, we connect you with a capable person right from the beginning and skip the automated messages.
24/7/365 Support

24/7/365 Support

Our support staff is available around the clock, and with an average wait time of just 15 minutes, you can get help with any problem as it comes!


Our customer support staff are experts in game server hosting from a place of experience, meaning you will be speaking to someone familiar with your Space Engineers server hosting needs right from the start.
Personalized Support

Personalized Support

BisectHosting skips the bots and connects you directly to our dedicated customer support staff who are available around the clock!

Worldwide Server Hosting Locations

Click on a location for more detailed info.
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Intergalactic Stations, International Servers

To keep up with the demand of intergalactic space travel, resource gathering, and building massive machines and ships, we offer many international Space Engineers dedicated server locations to keep down latency and improve performance.
a screenshot of a popular pc game powered by space engineers dedicated servers

Making Space a Less Lonely Place

Space Engineers can sometimes feel like a single-player game. But bringing together like-minded players with our Space Engineers server hosting can create a valuable multiplayer experience that transcends the solo path.
a characters in space engineers holding a space weapon

A Good Build Starts With Good Parts

While players flock to the stars to gather the best materials to build the best machines, you can rest assured knowing our servers share a similar philosophy with state-of-the-art equipment to maximize uptime and minimize latency.

A few reviews from trustpilot

BisectHosting strives to exceed your expectations with our server hosting services. That same standard extends to the stars for our Space Engineers server hosting services.
Nic Contra
bisecthosting star icon
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bisecthosting star icon
"All of my ticket support people have…"
All of my ticket support people have been incredibly quick to respond, easy to communicate with, and helped make my server hosting experience for me (and my wallet) a very good one. Great stuff!
Joshua McClanahan
bisecthosting star icon
bisecthosting star icon
bisecthosting star icon
bisecthosting star icon
bisecthosting star icon
"We had originally went with a different…"
We had originally went with a different host but had to switch because of lag and server crashes. I am glad we did. Bisect has been stable and running smooth with our custom mod pack not to mention it is cheaper than our last host!
William Correa
bisecthosting star icon
bisecthosting star icon
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bisecthosting star icon
"This is the best experience ever"
This is the best experience ever. I've played moded minecraft before on online servers with my friends, but we wanted more freedom with our world. So I decided to buy a server with no previous knowledge on how to operate one. But when I was confused, their was soo many options for support. Between support chat to talk to some to help, to videos to show that visual example. Best experience ever.

Frequently Asked Questions About Space Engineers Servers

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