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Satisfactory Server Hosting

An alien planet, a secret mission, and a company to please. With such humble beginnings, prepare to industrialize a brand-new world and make it yours! Our Satisfactory servers are here to automate the server backend so your friends and family can get to automating your factories. With a persistent online world, 24/7 Satisfactory server support, and hardware quality that can’t be beaten, satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Features of Your Custom Satisfactory Server

always online
Always Online
Automated factories never sleep, so why should yours? Our Satisfactory dedicated servers are always online, allowing your friends and family to play while you’re away.
24/7 satisfactory support
24/7 Satisfactory Support
FICSIT Incorporated is not the only one with dedicated employees! No matter the hour, day, or week, our professional staff are standing by with an average wait time of 15 minutes for ticket replies.
satisfactory ddos protection
Satisfactory DDOS Protection
Let us handle the DDoS attackers so you can focus on enjoying the game. All Satisfactory server hosting services come with DDoS protection completely free of charge.
quality hardware
Quality Hardware
BisectHosting settles for nothing less than the best! Have confidence in your server’s hardware, which is top of the line and tested to ensure it surpasses Satisfactory’s system requirements.
automated updates
Automated Updates
Our staff loves Satisfactory so much that we automated our game server panel! All Satisfactory updates are automatically applied. No commands are required. Manual options are offered.
multiple server locations
Multiple Server Locations
Never deal with latency from a server too far from home! Our Satisfactory server hosting offers 20 hosting locations from around the globe.
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Easy to manage

Being a Satisfactory server administrator is hard work, but our hosting service makes it easier than ever. Our custom panel allows you to manage your server settings online and apply backups anytime easily. With the ability to apply and upload custom files, there is no limit to what your team can build from our platform.
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Friendly and professional support

Our professional staff works with your satisfaction in mind. If you have trouble with the game or the server itself, a qualified specialist will be there to assist regardless of the date or time. We pride ourselves on having the best support around, with a thorough knowledgebase to peruse, and our Satisfactory server hosting specialists will never let you down.
24/7/365 Support

24/7/365 Support

Our support staff are always standing by no matter the day or hour, with an average wait of no more than 15 minutes for ticket replies!


Our professional support team is trained to handle every game we host. No matter your issue, our live support team will respond to get your Satisfactory Server back to optimal performance.
Personalized support

Personalized support

As much as we love automation, nothing beats speaking to a human. No matter how you reach our support team, you'll be speaking with a real person from the start.

Worldwide Server Hosting Locations

Click on a location for more detailed info.
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satisfactory assembly line

Lone Pioneer No More

Experience Satisfactory online with friends and family by your side! Learn to automate factories together in real-time, build separate bases and connect them by railways, or take on monsters together while exploring the unknown. FICSIT Incorporated will be happy to know multiple pioneers are on the job!
satisfactory containers

Customize Your Experience

Starting a second playthrough? Want to change things up? Then we have good news for you! Our Satisfactory server hosting offers a variety of server and game settings that can be adjusted to your liking. All of which are yours to control.
satisfactory canning line

Mod Ready

As it stands, a Satisfactory dedicated server cannot support mods at this time. As soon as the developers add dedicated server modding, however, BisectHosting will be the first to have your server mod ready. We’re just as eager as you are for it to arrive!

Reviews from trustpilot

We love to hear when our customers are happy! We hope these reviews inspire you, too.
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Great and stable servers + fast support, a great combo :)
JB Pitetti
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"Wonderful Service"
The team at bisect is great, I heard about them through youtube videos for server hosting and was amazed at how easy they made it. I had no knowledge before hand but the amount of help and knowledge that’s available make hosting incredibly easy.
Taylor Collins
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"I love the service"
I love the service. Its very easy to setup, maintain and very intuitive if you like to swap between mod packs and such like my friends and I do. Definitely recommend the service to anyone looking for a server hosting service.

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