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Preceding the world-renowned Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Counter-Strike: Source offers a glimpse into early 21st-century gaming. The gameplay remains in its original state, tight-knit communities continue strong across multiple servers, and the custom games are still as fun as ever! Let our Counter-Strike: Source server hosting be the source of your entertainment with a quality and price that others in the industry can’t match!

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Features of Your Custom Counter-Strike: Source Server

always online
Always Online
No matter the date or time, our servers are always online so you and your friends can play anytime.
24/7 cs:s support
24/7 CS:S Support
Our support team is available 24/7/365 days a year with an average wait of 15 minutes for replies. That includes our Live Chat, which cuts down wait times even further!
cs:s ddos protection
CS:S DDOS Protection
We monitor our servers around the clock to prevent and mitigate any attacks that your Counter-Strike: Source server may encounter. All at no extra charge!
global locations
Global Locations
Our Counter-Strike: Source server hosting is available at over 20 locations from around the globe, ensuring your players have a location close to home. Switch locations via our support at any time!
mod support
Mod Support
Our custom game server panel makes modding as easy as can be! Add weapon skins, create custom games, and customize your server with absolute ease!
automated updates
Automated Updates
Counter-Strike: Source may not be getting any content updates, but should one for security ever go live, know our system will have it applied! No commands required. Manual options offered.
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Easy to manage

BisectHosting strives to make server administration more accessible than ever before! Our custom panel allows for easy management of server settings online, applying backups at any time, and modding with drag-and-drop ease. With full access to your server’s files, there’s no limit to what your team can achieve!
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Friendly and professional support

Our Counter-Strike: Source dedicated server hosting includes 24/7 support with an average response time of only 15 minutes. Our support team is located worldwide so no matter what time of day you need help you will always have someone there to assist.
24/7/365 Support

24/7/365 Support

Rest easy knowing our team is standing by 24/7/365 days a year. We offer many forms of support from support tickets, LiveChat, Discord, and our extensive knowledgebase are all options we offer to help.


Our professional team is trained to handle each game we host and will not hesitate to put that experience to use. Even if the problem is niche, our specialists will see it through!
Personalized support

Personalized support

We value your time and never waste it with bots! No matter the avenue of support, speak with a human right from the start.

Worldwide Server Hosting Locations

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counter strike alley

Build a Server Community

Communities like yours are what keep Counter-Strike: Source alive! Be it a new community just beginning or a group over a decade old in search of a new home, BisectHosting is here to help you succeed. With our custom game server panel, competitive pricing, and support staff available 24/7, our service can’t be beat!
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Locations Around the Globe

Our locations around the globe ensure your server is always close to home, which means the best latency there can be! Need to move your server? Our staff can help you shift servers with a simple support ticket!
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Customize Your Experience

Counter-Strike: Source server hosting can offer custom gamemodes, maps, and mods are yours to add as you please. And with our custom game server panel, file management becomes a breeze! You can even use our scheduled commands feature to run custom events at specific times, like a daily prop hunt or other mods.

Reviews from trustpilot

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dustin hoffman
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"A great sever provider"
Its a nice user friendly interface and system. I’ve so far no issues and enjoy the fact that me and my friend can play at different times and not need me to be constantly online and to make sure its running.
Mette T. Pedersen
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bisecthosting star icon
"Amazing customer support"
We had a problem with the server lagging, but when contacting customer about it even during the weekend we got an answer with i 3 minuts! Problem got solved and we were back to playing very quickly :)
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"Better than I ever imagined"
Couldn’t have asked for a better and easier provider. Set up was painless thanks to the tons of illustrated guides for doing basically anything you want, and the two times I’ve contacted live support I’ve had a response within 30 seconds and had issues resolved in minutes. Cannot fault it.

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