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An eternal hunger reawakened, a gothic open-world fit for the taking, and the rise of a vampiric dynasty that can never be sated. Our V Rising servers offer the best online experience one can find, ensuring your time is spent conquering humanity with friends by your side. Enjoy building a castle, gathering, and crafting without lag in sight. And with 24/7 V Rising support, top-of-the-line hardware, and a custom panel that makes file management easy, the value of our servers can’t be beat.

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OUR features

instant setup
Instant Setup
Our V Rising servers are set up without delay. Jump right into the world and play!
24/7 v rising support
24/7 V Rising Support
Like the loyal servants lured into your castle walls, our staff are always at your beck and call. All avenues of support are open 24/7, with an average wait of twenty minutes’ time.
v rising ddos protection
V Rising DDOS Protection
Let us focus on the bet-net swarms while you handle those foolish human lords! All V Rising Servers include DDOS protection at no extra charge.
mod & plugin support
Mod & Plugin Support
Our V Rising servers fully support mods and plugins. Install BepInEx and get to modding!
automated updates
Automated Updates
Never worry about your server being out of date again! Our system automatically applies all V Rising updates in record time. No commands required. Manual options offered.
multiple server locations
Multiple Server Locations
Keep your castle close to home with our 17 locations from around the globe. The closer the server, the better the latency!
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Easy to manage

Manage your server entirely online with our custom game server panel made with ease of use in mind. Those seeking to edit basic settings before conquering humanity will be able to do so easily, while veteran vampires will find the depth and customization they often need. Our full video tour is one click away.
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Friendly and professional support

From holidays to 3 AM on a weekday, our support is standing by 24/7/365 days a year. Reach out through Discord, ticket, or LiveChat with any questions or concerns, no matter the date or time. We pride ourselves on having the best support around, and our team will work tirelessly to never let you down!
24/7/365 Support
24/7/365 Support
Tickets, LiveChat, and Discord are open all year round! Should trouble with your V Rising server ever arise, know our team will be with you within an average of 20 minutes’ time.
Qualified staff
Qualified staff
Our professional team is trained to handle every game we host. Never hesitate to put our extensive experience to the test!
Personalized Support
Personalized Support
There are no undead, vampires, or robots here! Reaching out to our support places you with a human right from the start.

Worldwide Server Hosting Locations

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battle with friends & foes

Battle with Friends & Foes

Take on the world with friendly vampires by your side or seek out their destruction so your empire alone may rise. V Rising allows players to battle together or against one another by looting enemy castles or playing the diplomat for blood and supplies. With our servers, the rules are yours to decide.
customize your experience

Customize Your Experience

Rise from your long slumber to something new each and every time. Our V Rising servers fully support mods and plugins, ensuring every play-through is fresh with content. All of which managed online from our very own custom panel made with ease of use in mind.
top of the line hardware

Top of the Line Hardware

In online multiplayer environments, only the best hardware will do. Thankfully you can rely on BisectHosting to have the most competitive equipment on the market optimized for games like V Rising. Never accept a server that lags behind!

A few reviews from trustpilot

We here at BisectHosting always aim to exceed the standards of the server hosting industry. Something we believe many from our fantastic community would say we actively achieve! But don’t take our word for it. Here are a few words from the many thousand reviews on our Trust Pilot page.
Provolone Mike
"Really great service!"
Really great service. I’ve had nothing but excellent interactions with the support team and the whole process is smoother than any other hosting service I’ve tried. Highly recommended for anyone that needs a game server hosted. I promise you it’ll have everything you need. If it doesn’t, you can be sure the support team will have your back and get it for you pronto!
Josiah Daniel Pearce
"Their customer support is AMAZING!"
Their customer support is one of the most helpful groups I’ve ever encountered. They are extremely fast with replies, and always willing to help.
Evan Malbrough
"Modded Server Issue Resolved"
Helped me make my modded server and their response time was genuinely amazing. they also worked with me until it was up and running smooth. Thanks Bisect Staff

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