How to view and pay invoices on the BisectHosting Billing panel

Viewing and paying invoices is essential in managing a BisectHosting account, ensuring hosting services remain active and up-to-date. BisectHosting makes viewing and paying invoices easy through its user-friendly Billing panel, details of which can be explored here. BisectHosting accepts various payment methods, enabling options that suit users' needs. Any invoice inquiries or issues can be addressed through a support ticket to the BisectHosting team here. Regularly viewing and paying invoices ensures guarantees hosting services remain active and uninterrupted.

Note Invoices are available 14 days before the due date, providing ample time for payment completion.

How to View and Pay Invoices on the BisectHosting Billing Panel
1. Log in to the BisectHosting Billing panel.

2. Click on Invoices.

3. Choose the unpaid invoice.

4. Under Payment Method, select the preferred method.

5. Proceed to the payment page depending on the chosen method:
Credit/Debit Card - Pay Now

paysafecard - Pay with paysafecard

PayPal - PayPal Subscribe

BisectHosting will send a receipt to the registered email on the account.

Understanding BisectHosting Invoices
Invoiced To - Shows the name and address of the account holder.
Pay To - Contains the BisectHosting billing information.
Invoice Date - The invoice creation date. This is not the due date.
Invoice Items - Describes the purchased services.

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