How to join the BisectHosting Affiliate Program

Joining the BisectHosting Affiliates Program will provide a unique link after signing up, which potential customers can use for registration. This link can be shared with acquaintances, subscribers, or individuals interested in BisectHosting services and promoted across various social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and others. A 10% commission on the acquired service will be granted upon a successful service purchase by a referred individual. This commission structure remains applicable for all forthcoming and recurring purchases.

Someone uses the link to purchase a Premium Server, which totals $22.48. A 10% commission of $2.48 will be applied to the referrer's BisectHosting account credit, which can be used to pay for servers. Any reoccurring purchase that the user makes would provide another 10% commission.

Note Dedicated servers are excluded from this program.

How to Join the BisectHosting Affiliate Program
1. Go to the Terms of Service (TOS) here.

2. Review the Affiliate Program section to confirm the chosen promotion platform qualifies for the program.

3. Log in to the BisectHosting Billing panel.

4. Under More, select Affiliates.

5. Click on Activate Affiliate Account.

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