How to upgrade or downgrade a server

BisectHosting provides the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade servers at any time, enabling the adjustment of hosting plans to align with changing requirements. Whether there's a requirement for additional resources to accommodate heightened traffic or a need to lower expenses by transitioning to a lower tier, BisectHosting simplifies the process of plan modification. In case of inquiries or the need for recommendations, the BisectHosting support team can be contacted here.

How to Upgrade or Downgrade a Server
Log in to the BisectHosting Billing panel.

2. Click on Services.

3. Choose
an active package.

4. Depending on the current package, select Upgrade or Downgrade.

5. Choose the preferred package from the dropdown and click Choose Product.

Select the desired Payment Method from the dropdown.

Click on Continue.

Once the purchase is complete, restart the server to apply the upgrade or downgrade.

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