How to install the BisectHosting Overwolf app

The BisectHosting Overwolf app is a valuable tool with an in-game console overlay for server monitoring and troubleshooting, access to customer support services, server management, billing details, and options to purchase and customize servers. Backed by over eight years of experience, it caters to all server needs in one place, making it the perfect companion for your Minecraft journey.

The Overwolf app must be installed. Learn how to here.

How to Install the BisectHosting Overwolf App

1. Download the BisectHosting Overwolf app here.

2. Launch the BisectHosting - Installer file. The setup may take a few minutes.

3. The BisectHosting Overwolf App is now installed and will open automatically.

App Overview

Option Description
Create A New Server Purchase a new Minecraft server plan with various options.
Billing Panel Access the BisectHosting billing panel.
Support Options Create and manage support tickets and access the BisectHosting knowledgebase.
Premium Control Panel Open the panel for Premium Minecraft servers.
Budget Control Panel Open the panel for Budget Minecraft servers.
Console Overlay Show the server console. The user must be logged in to the Premium or Budget control panel.

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