How to install Overwolf

Overwolf is a popular software platform that enhances the gaming experience by offering a range of in-game apps and overlays. It allows gamers to access various tools, social features, and third-party applications while playing their favorite video games. With Overwolf, players can customize their gaming experience, access real-time stats, and interact with other players, all without leaving the game environment.

Note Overwolf has a Bisecthosting application in the Overwolf store for free.
Follow this tutorial to learn how to install the app.

How To Install Overwolf

1. Download Overwolf here.

2. Launch the downloaded Overwolf installer.

3. Select the language from the dropdown menu and Press Next.

4. Read and Check the Overwolf Terms and Privacy Policy.

5. Choose the destination of the Overwolf installation and Press Next.

6. (Optional) Check the box to add the Valorant Tracker app. Otherwise, press Next.

7. Wait for the installation to finish and Launch Overwolf for the first time.

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