How to add plugins to a Forge server (up to Forge 1.7.10)

By default Forge based servers do not have support for plugins. The solution to this is to use Cauldron or MCPC+ which are like Forge and CraftBukkit hybrids that will still allow your Forge server to function as is while at the same time providing support for plugins. Please note that if you are using one of our modpacks that are available via our JAR Selection Menu and it says that it already comes with Cauldron, you do not need to do anything as it will already have support for plugins.

Premium Servers:
1. Log into Multicraft panel. (If you are not sure how we have a great tutorial for it here)
2. Stop your server
3. Using the JAR Selection Menu select one of the Cauldron or MCPC+ builds we have available. Make sure to select the build version that matches the version of your server (1.6.4, 1.7.2. 1.7.10 etc). Don’t forget to click the Save button after.
4. Start your server and it will now load your server with Cauldron allowing you to install plugins.

Budget Servers:
Cauldron and MCPC+ installations are not included with Budget servers, but you can purchase a one-time installation service here. If you already have the premium support addon on your Budget server you can just create a support ticket, no need to purchase the one-time installation as premium support addon includes Cauldron and MCPC+ installations for Budget servers.

Not sure what to select?
For all newer modpacks that are 1.7.10 or newer use KCauldron Latest, if that doesn't work try using Cauldron Recommended.
For older modpacks that are 1.6.4 or lower use MCPC+ for some 1.6.4 modpacks you can still use Cauldron 1.6.4, but generally, you will need to use MCPC+ for anything that is 1.6.4 or lower.

Incompatible Mods
Some mods are incompatible with Cauldron, especially in newer modpacks. One of those mods is Fastcraft and it comes with many modpacks. Be sure to remove it from your mods folder before using Cauldron. Also, below you can find a chart with some modpacks that require different mods removed and different versions of Java. We'll continue to update this list as we find more oddities.

ModPack Name Mods to Remove Cauldron or MCPC+ Java Version
ATLauncher - The Mad Pack 3


KCauldron Java 8
ATLauncher - Resonant Rise  KCauldron  Java 7
ATLauncher - Sky Factory 2 - Cauldron 1403 Java 7 
ATLauncher - Crundee Craft  Fastcraft
KCauldron  Java 8
Voids Wratch - Crazy Craft 3 MobiusCore KCauldron Java 7

 Also, now when installing plugins you will need to make sure that you are installing versions that are compatible with the Minecraft versions your server is based on, as no every modpack is based on the latest Minecraft versions. More on that can be found in our plugin installation tutorial located here.

If any information you see here is outdated please let us know by creating a support ticket. Thank you.
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