How to install LuckPerms on a Minecraft server

LuckPerms is a powerful permissions plugin for Minecraft servers that allows server administrators to manage player permissions and privileges. It provides a flexible and intuitive system for creating and assigning permissions, groups, and inheritance. LuckPerms offers extensive customization options, enabling server owners to tailor the permission system to their needs.

Note It is recommended to have EssentialsX, EssentialsX chat, and EssentialsX spawn. You can get these plugins here.
Here is a tutorial on how to install the plugins.

How to Install LuckPerms on a Minecraft Server
1. Download LuckPerms here.

 Log in to the BisectHosting Premium or Budget panel.

3. Stop the server.

4. Go to the File Manager tab.

Find the directory: File Manager > Home > plugins .

Press the Upload button.

7. Upload the JAR file downloaded from Step 1.

8. Start the server.

9. Go to the Console tab and run the following command: op [username] .

10. Launch Minecraft and join the server.

11. Run the following command: /lp editor .

12. Open the link which will open the browser.

13. Copy the trusteditor code.

14. Paste the code in Minecraft.

Option Description
Group name The name of the group code itself. 
Display name Shows how LuckPerms displays the group.
Weight LuckPerm's priority level. (Higher number means higher priority)
Parent Inherits another group's permissions.
Prefix/Suffix Insert tags before or after a player's name.

15. Click on SAVE after editing changes.

16. Enter the applyedits command in Minecraft.

Common LuckPerms Commands

Command Description
/lp user <username> parent add <groupname> Adds the player to the group
/lp user <username> parent remove <groupname> Removes the player from the group
/lp user <username> permission set <permission> Allows a permission to the player
/lp user <username> permission unset <permission> Removes a permission from the player
/lp group <groupcode> permission [set/unset] <permission> Allows/Disallows a permission from the group

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