Differences between BisectHosting Premium and Budget servers

BisectHosting offers a Premium and Budget package for Minecraft servers, allowing users to customize their purchase with various features. Budget servers provide a slightly lower level of support than Premium servers; however, most features available to Premium servers are obtainable on Budget servers through the Advanced Support addon. 

Note The Advanced Support addon supplements Premium and Budget servers with various helpful features.

Differences Between Premium and Budget Minecraft Servers
JAR Menu

Allows users to install and update modpacks for their servers automatically.

Premium Servers: Full access
Budget Servers: Limited access (Support Addon available)

Dedicated IP Addresses
Gives users access to a unique IP address which allows players to connect with no port needed.

Premium Servers:
Full access
Budget Servers:
No access (Support Addon available)

Automatic Backups
A feature that can save up to 7 days worth of backups to download or restore from.

Premium Servers: Full access
Budget Servers: No access (Support Addon available)

Configurable Backups
A similar feature to automatic backups that allows users to set specific backup times.

Premium Servers:
4 Slots (Support Addon available)
Servers: 2 Slots (Support Addon available)

Global Locations
Many global locations are available for selection, which can significantly improve individual performance when connecting to the server.

Premium Servers:
20 Locations
Servers: 5 Locations

Instance Manager
Allows users to save different modpacks or versions of Minecraft so that they can be quickly loaded later.

Premium Servers:
5 Instances (Support Addon available)
Budget Servers:
2 Instances (Support Addon available)

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