How to remove mods from a modpack on VoidsWrath launcher

The VoidsWrath Launcher (also known as Void Launcher) is a custom Minecraft launcher that runs custom modpacks made by TheAtlanticCraft. It includes popular modpacks such as CrazyCraft, JurassicCraft and ScrambleCraft. This guide will show how to remove mods from modpacks installed on the launcher.

Note - Make sure the game is closed before changing any files.
- Backup saves locally before deleting mods, as it may corrupt previous saves.

How to Remove Mods from a Modpack on VoidsWrath

1. Start the VoidsWrath launcher.

2. Select the modpack to edit on the left.

3. Click the Edit Pack button located on the right.

4. Select Edit Mods on the dropdown list.

5. Remove mods by deleting the mod jar or moving it to a different location.

6. Once done, hit the Play button to launch the modpack.

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