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Can Minecraft Be Used for DND?

Posted on by amber
With the release of the Dungeons and Dragons movie and Balder's Gate, many new fans are trying out DND 5th Edition! However, this has led to many new DMs looking for tools to make their world even better. So, today we answer the question, can Minecraft be used for DND? Perhaps it's the map tool you need!

Battle Maps

DND Battle Map Example An Essential part of many modern DND campaigns are battle maps. These provide visuals to what would otherwise be standard grid paper, opportunities to fully flesh out combat, and an immersive dive into the world you are creating. Assuming each block in Minecraft is five by five feet, Minecraft becomes quite the appealing option even in its vanilla state. DMs can create scenes in amazing detail, including elevation and multilayered buildings, which are typically harder to achieve. But it is not without its downsides.

The Struggles of DND Minecraft

Minecraft Village Screenshot Building in Minecraft, even in creative, can be time-consuming. In addition, Minecraft offers no direct measuring tools, making it harder to determine the true distance of ranged attacks in a 3D environment. Outside of that, it also leads to a limited cast of monsters visually. We also can't forget the DM would need a high-quality server, and every player would need to have a Minecraft account to join. Something not all players looking to play DND may be willing to do.

The Benefits of DND Minecraft

Minecraft House Window Screenshot As briefly mentioned before, where Minecraft would excel as a tool for DND battle maps is in its multilayer building and elevation. DMs can create mountainsides, villages, and chasms that allow players to use the map in ways 2D alternatives can't always achieve. For example, cover can be hard to visualize in 2D environments, but in a 3D Minecraft map, taking cover from inside a building and shooting from the window is as clear as day. DMs can also choose to implement the high-ground rules found in Balder's Gate. Another major benefit is players are locked into their first or third-person perspective, making it quite immersive, especially if allies are far away.

Can Minecraft Be Used for DND?

DND Logo Ultimately, the answer is yes. Minecraft can be used quite effectively as a map tool for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. Players would each represent themselves on the maps, enemies would be mobs stuck in boats or banners, and a DM in creative would determine the distance from above. However, this is all under the assumption the DND mechanics are still being handled outside the game, as Minecraft has no dice to roll.

Minecraft Vs. Other Map Tools

Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons Compendium In the end, the map tools designed for DND will likely remain the go-to tools for battle maps. But if your DM or players happen to be Minecraft fans, it can be an exciting way to incorporate two games you love. Not to mention, Minecraft has its own official DND monster manual! Perhaps an exciting one-shot would be worth a try. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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