How to change your domain's nameservers

Changing the domain's nameservers redirects to a different hosting provider or web server. The propagation of this change may require some time to take effect, but once the process completes, visitors can access the website or server through the new hosting provider. Properly configuring new nameservers is essential to prevent any disruptions or errors in the service. For help or questions, contact the BisectHosting support team by submitting a ticket here.

How to change your domain's nameservers:
1. Log in to the BisectHosting Client panel.

2. Select Domains, then My Domains.

3. Click the wrench icon on the domain you wish to edit.

4. Under Manage, select Nameservers.

Select Use custom nameservers then input nameservers on slots.

Click Change Nameservers.

Note Don't forget that if you change the nameservers from our default ones, you won't be able to manage your DNS in our billing panel anymore and will have to do it with whatever your nameservers are set to. For example, if the nameservers are set to our Webhosting DNS will need to be managed in your cPanel, if you set it to Enjin's nameservers, it will have to be managed with Enjin's DNS management panel. DNS management includes adding such things as A records and SRV records.

If you ever need to change the nameservers to our default ones they are as follows:

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