Creating A Record for Minecraft in cPanel

Creating an A record for Minecraft configures a personalized domain name for pointing it toward the Minecraft server. The A record allows linking the domain name with the server's IP address, streamlining the player's connection process to the server. The guide below will walk server admins through setting up an A record using cPanel. After applying the A record, players can access the Minecraft server effortlessly through the custom domain name. For Budget Minecraft servers without a dedicated IP, go here to create an SRV record instead. 

Note In order to connect to your server using your domain, or a subdomain for it that you want you will have to create an A Record. Please note that this is only if your server has a dedicated IP. If your server does not have a dedicated IP like our Budget Minecraft Servers, you must create an SRV record instead. Please see that tutorial here. Please keep in mind that after this tutorial it might take a while to start working due to DNS needing to update.

How to create an A record for Minecraft in cPanel:

1. Log in to cPanel.

2. Under the Domains category, select Zone Editor.

Next to any domain, click +A Record button.

4. Enter your subdomain of choice (Ex:,

5. Enter your server IP address.

6. Click Add An A Record.

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