Introduction to Minecraft gamerules and using them

Introduction to Minecraft gamerules:
Minecraft game rules allow you to modify world settings that apply to all users. Game rules can change many aspects of the game including keep inventory, immediate respawns, and even if mobs drop loot or not. While most game rules hold true or false value, some require integer values. Gamerules update without having to restart your server and can be changed by running a simple command.

How to edit gamerules:
Run the following command to modify a gamerule:
/gamerule <gamerule> <true/false> <value>
(Example: "/gamerule keepInventory false")

Full list of gamerules:

These can also be located on the official Minecraft wiki.

announceAdvancements - true/false
Whether advancements should be announced in chat.

- true/false
Whether command blocks should be enabled in-game.

- true/false
Whether command blocks should notify admins when they perform commands.

- true/false
Whether the server should skip checking player speed when the player is wearing elytra. Often helps with jittering due to lag in multiplayer, but may also be used to travel unfairly long distances in survival mode.

- true/false
Whether raids are disabled.

- true/false
Whether the daylight cycle and moon phases progress.

Whether entities that are not mobs should have drops.

- true/false
Whether fire should spread and naturally extinguish.

Whether phantoms can spawn in the nighttime.

Players respawn immediately without showing the death screen.

Whether players should be able to craft only those recipes that they've unlocked first.

- true/false
Whether mobs should drop items.

- true/false
Whether mobs should naturally spawn. Does not affect monster spawners.

- true/false
Whether patrols can spawn.

- true/false
Whether blocks should have drops.

- true/false
Whether wandering traders can spawn.

- true/false
Whether the weather can change naturally. The /weather command can still change the weather.

- true/false
Whether the player should take damage when drowning.

- true/false
Whether the player should take fall damage.

- true/false
Whether the player should take fire damage.

- true/false
Makes angered neutral mobs stop being angry when the targeted player dies nearby.

- true/false
Whether the player should keep items and experience in their inventory after death.

- true/false
Whether to log admin commands to server log.

- Any int value (def: 65536)
Determines the number at which the chain command block acts as a "chain."

- Any int value (def: 24)
The maximum number of other pushable entities a mob or player can push, before taking 3 suffocation damage per half-second. Setting to 0 or lower disables the rule. 

- true/false
Whether mobs should be able to change blocks and pick up items. This will result in disabling bartering and affect the capabilities of zombie-like creatures like zombie pigmen to pathfind to turtle eggs.

- true/false
Whether the player can regenerate health naturally if their hunger is full enough.

- true/false
Whether the player can fight with other players.

- Any int value (def: 3)
How often a random block tick occurs (such as plant growth) per chunk section per game tick. 0 disables random ticks.

- true/false
Whether the debug screen shows all or reduced information; and whether the effects of F3+B and F3+G are shown.

- true/false
Whether the feedback from commands executed by a player should show up in chat. Also affects the default behavior of whether command blocks store their output text.

- true/false
Whether the player's coordinates are displayed.

- true/false
Whether death messages are put into chat when a player dies. Also affects whether a message is sent to the pet's owner when the pet dies.

- Any int value (def: 10)
The number of blocks outward from the world spawn coordinates that a player spawns in when first joining a server or when dying without a personal spawn point. 

- true/false
Whether players in spectator mode can generate chunks.

- true/false
Whether TNT explodes after activation.

- true/false
Makes angered neutral mobs attack any nearby player, not just the player that angered them.

- true/false
Hides the "Can place on" and "Can destroy" blocklists from item lore.

If any information you see here is outdated please let us know by creating a support ticket. Thank you.

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