How to install GDLauncher with modpacks

GDLauncher is a user-friendly and customizable Minecraft launcher that offers an alternative to the official Minecraft Launcher. It provides a streamlined interface for managing multiple Minecraft versions, mods, and configurations. With its intuitive design and extensive mod support, GDLauncher simplifies setting up and launching customized Minecraft experiences.

Java 8 (64-bit) is required. Download and install java here.

Note Larger modpacks may require as much as 6-8GB of RAM. Follow this tutorial to learn how to allocate more RAM to the GDLauncher.

How to Install the GDLauncher

Download the launcher here.

2. Launch the downloaded GDLauncher file.

3. Log in to the GDLauncher with the Minecraft account.

4. Select Manual or Automatic Java selection when prompted.

How to Install a Modpack on the GDLauncher
1. From the GDLauncher, click the + button in the bottom left.

2. Go to the CurseForge or FTB tab.

3. Select the desired modpack and choose Download Latest.

4. Enter the desired name for the modpack in the GDLauncher.

5. Click on the Next arrow button.

6. Wait for the installation to finish.

7. Select the desired modpack and click Play.

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