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10 Must Have Data Packs for Minecraft

Posted on by amber
Together with friends, adventures never have to end, but sometimes a little extra can make vanilla Minecraft just that much more fun. From commands that encourage exploring far away lands to over 100 new biomes in a revamped overworld, today we explore ten must have data packs for Minecraft!


Minecraft has so much to explore, but it can often be stressful and unfun trying to find your way back home, or at least it was! With the Homes data pack, your base is always a few keystrokes away, saving on time and making the game more fun to play.


Never face the unknown alone when friends can be by your side! Adding to the functionality of homes, or fun on its own, teleport to other players at any time using TPA. A must-have convenience for multiplayer gameplay!

Mob Health Bar

Interested in seeing just how close you were to defeating the warden? With Mob Health Bars, players can see the health of every mob allowing for more strategic choices. RPG and MMO fans will be especially grateful to have this staple feature installed!


Why cut one block when you can cut all of them at once? Treecapitator makes cutting trees a breeze while ensuring the proper durability loss is still applied to axes. A classic quality-of-life data pack that makes cutting trees a bit more realistic.

Anti-Creeper Grief

Creepers are fun to have around, but the damage they cause can be pretty discouraging. Thankfully Anti-Creeper Grief is here to prevent those pesky monsters from making craters while maintaining other “mob griefing” features. It can even be configured to stop creeper damage altogether!


The mining trip is complete, your inventory overflowing with diamonds, only to fall into a ravine 10000 blocks from where your journey began. Chances are those items are gone for good, but with graves, they are safely contained in a gravestone until you return. Not to mention it being the perfect compromise for players who prefer having “keep inventory” on!

Custom Nether Portals

For a game about being creative, nether portals are quite restrictive! This simple data pack lets your players go crazy and make portals of any shape or size.

Craftable Tents

Starting out generally follows the same basic steps, which can get a little boring for Minecraft veterans. However, Craftable Tents offers an aesthetically pleasing and convenient alternative for early game bases and long-distance outposts. Wool, wood, and cobble are all you need!


For those seeking newfound adventure rather than a small change, Teralith is for you! This single data pack revamps the entire overworld above and below ground, adds 100 new biomes, and gives reason to explore every detail of the world for exciting new loot.


Last but certainly not least, BlazeandCaves adds hundreds of new goals for veteran players to achieve while also adding a roadmap to help newer players succeed. In other words, advancements entirely overhauled! Can your friends accomplish the difficult objectives set out by this data pack?

10 Must Have Data Packs for Minecraft

Another list has reached its end, and with it, a new adventure began! May your data pack journeys be filled with fun, and if anyone is wondering, all ten can indeed be added at once! Our guide for installing data packs is found here, but never forget that our support is standing by to help 24/7/365 days a year! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =) Looking to create your very own server with data packs? We here at BisectHosting offer affordable options for just that! Your Minecraft server is only a few steps away.
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