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Minecraft 1.19 Crafting Guide

Crafting in Minecraft is one of the most fundamental aspects of the game, and with recent updates, it is slowly becoming more and more complex. Looms, smithing benches, and blast furnaces all being recently added examples! Today we go over all aspects of crafting in our Minecraft 1.19 crafting guide.

The Basics of Crafting

Minecraft 1.19 Crafting Guide: Player Inventory Crafting

A fresh world is made, a new adventure beginning, and after trees have been punched, the first step is crafting a table! Crafting is done directly from the player inventory and later through the crafting table. A block crafted by placing one wooden plank in each of the four inventory crafting squares.

From there, players will automatically unlock new crafting recipes as blocks and items are discovered. One needs only drag and drop the required blocks into the previously made crafting table as the recipe book instructs.

Types of Crafting

Not all crafting is done through the crafting table, however! Next, we will cover all interactable crafting blocks and their uses as of Minecraft 1.19. Please note that the recipe book works for more than just the crafting table! Recipes for most of the interactable blocks below are in there as well.

Crafting Tables
Minecraft Crafting Table

The crafting table is the first interactable block used on any adventure and is the foundation for all crafting in the game. Players may find the number of recipes overwhelming, but the crafting book is always present to point the way.

Crafting Tables are crafted by placing one wooden plank in each of the four inventory crafting squares.

Minecraft Furnace

The furnace is the second interactable block used in the crafting process. By inserting coal, logs, charcoal, lava buckets, or other items, players can “smelt” or “cook” blocks into new forms. Some examples being uncooked meat into cooked meat, iron ore into iron ingots, and cobblestone into stone.

Furnaces are crafted by placing eight cobblestone around the outer edges of the crafting table while leaving the middle empty.

Blast Furnaces
Minecraft Blast Furnace

Blast Furnaces are specialized furnaces that only smelt ores, stone, and other “smeltable” blocks and items. This may sound like a downgrade at first, but blast furnaces smelt the previously mentioned categories at twice the speed of a regular furnace, making it well worth the investment.

Blast Furnaces are crafted by placing a furnace in the middle of a crafting table, three iron ingots along the top, two iron ingots to the left and right of the furnace, and three smooth stone blocks along the bottom row.

Minecraft Smoker

Smokers are the counterpart to blast furnaces and offer double cooking speed, but this also means they are restricted to cooking food items—no stone or ores.

Smokers are crafted by placing a furnace in the middle of a crafting table and a log block above, below, to the left, and to the right. The final result will look like a plus sign made of logs with a furnace at its center.

Minecraft Campfire

While mainly for immersion, players can place up to four food items on a campfire, and they will slowly cook. Doing so provides no benefit over using a furnace or smoker.

Campfires are crafted by placing three logs of any kind along the bottom of a crafting table, a stick, charcoal, and stick along the middle row, and one last stick in the middle of the top row.

Minecraft Stonecutter

Stonecutters offer exclusive recipes and act as an alternative crafting method for many stone and copper blocks. Why use it over the crafting table? Crafting using the stonecutter provides more items at a cheaper cost making it well worth the few extra clicks.

Stonecutters are crafted by placing an iron ingot in the middle of a crafting table and three stone along the bottom row.

Minecraft Grindstone

Grindstones act as a disenchanting station and repair station, allowing for two items of the same kind to be repaired without experience. Items disenchanted at a grindstone also refund a few experience points, making it a valuable way to gain EXP from undesired enchanted items found out in the world.

Grindstones are crafted by placing a stick, stone slab, and stick along the top row of a crafting table and any two planks on the left and right sides of the middle row.

Smithing Tables
Minecraft Smithing Table

Smithing tables are used to upgrade diamond armor and tools to netherite armor and tools. This is done by placing the piece of diamond gear on the smithing table alongside a netherite ingot.

Smithing tables are crafted by placing four planks in a square on a crafting table with two iron ingots on top.

Cartography Tables
Minecraft Cartography Table

Cartography tables are used to copy maps, make them larger, or lock them in glass. In Bedrock edition, they can also be used to make locator maps.

Cartography tables are crafted by placing four planks in a square on a crafting table with two paper on top.

Minecraft Loom

Looms are used to apply color and patterns to banners. This may seem simple, but the number of customization options allows players to create everything from mirrors to artistic displays. It is well worth the few blocks to check out!

Looms are crafted by placing two planks of any kind on a crafting table with two string on top.

Fletching Tables
Minecraft Fletching Table

Fletching tables offer no features at this time and are purely decorative. However, it is expected we will see them providing something related to bows and arrows in the future.

Fletching tables are crafted by placing four planks in a square on a crafting table with two flint on top.

Magic and Alchemy

Minecraft Anvil

Anvils allow players to repair enchanted items, rename items, and combine enchantments at the cost of experience points.

Anvils are crafted by placing an iron ingot in the middle of a crafting table, three more iron ingots along the bottom row, and three iron blocks along the top row.

Enchanting Tables
Minecraft 1.19 Crafting Guide: Enchanting Table Room

Enchanting tables allow players to enchant tools and armor at the cost of lapis lazuli and experience points. Due to the depth of this system, we have an entirely separate enchanting guide found here.

Enchanting tables are crafted by placing three obsidian along the bottom row of a crafting table, a diamond, obsidian, and diamond in the middle row, and a book in the center of the top row.

Brewing Stands
Minecraft Brewing Stand

Brewing Stands allow players to craft potions using bottles of water and various items in the game. Due to the depth of this system, we have an entirely separate brewing guide in the works. We will update this post when it arrives!

Brewing stands are crafted by placing a blaze rod in the middle of a crafting table and three cobblestone along the bottom row.

Advanced Minecraft 1.19 Crafting Guide

Minecraft 1.19 Crafting Guide: Crafting Shortcuts Header Image

Now that the fundamentals have been memorized, it is time to take crafting to the next level! Vanilla Minecraft contains many shortcuts for optimizing crafting and inventory management. Skills well worth learning, especially for speedruns!

All these details and more await within part two of our crafting guide found here.

Minecraft 1.19 Crafting Guide

And so ends out Minecraft 1.19 crafting guide. We hope it has helped in learning a crafting tip or two!

Based on everything added thus far, we suspect Mojang wants to make crafting more complex by rewarding players for using alternative methods. Who knows, maybe 1.20 will be titled the Crafting Update! That would be pretty interesting to see.

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