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A BisectHosting Guide: Our Socials and Where to Find Them

Did you know BisectHosting has an active presence across multiple social networks? Where and whenever we can, we do our best to reach out to clients in ways they enjoy. Complete with memes, animations, and community support too! Today we will be exploring each of BisectHosting’s socials with direct links included.

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Discord Logo

First on our list is the BisectHosting discord. Offering a massive community of avid players, moderators and regulars willing to lend a helping hand, and staff hopping in to say hello, it is a must join to enhance your BisectHosting experience even further. Don’t need the extra support? Our very active pet and food channels are quite popular too!


YouTube Logo

Not a fan of text guides? Then you are in luck! On the BisectHosting YouTube channel, an archive of step-by-step videos awaits. Each fully narrated and completed using the very same tools found on your control panel. But that is not all! We have released multiple animated shorts such as Minecraft Highschool with more on their way.


Twitter Logo

News, memes, exclusive deals, and community outreach! If anything happens at BisectHosting, you will hear about it on the BisectHosting Twitter first! This includes the ongoing status of any very, very rare outages should they ever occur. The latest BisectHosting updates are only one follow away.

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Instagram Logo

The BisectHosting Instagram is home to memes. Lots of memes. If you are looking for a quick smile on a rainy Sunday or a laugh to brighten up your Monday morning coffee, we have you covered. There may even be some hidden animated surprises too.


Facebook Logo

The BisectHosting Facebook is our mixed media center. We do our best to include a little bit of everything while not overdoing any one category. A jack of all trade, you could say. Leave a like, stop on by, and hopefully we will be able to get back to you in a reply!


TikTok Logo

Last but not least, we have the BisectHosting TikTok, and there are some surprises you don’t want to miss waiting within! Believe it or not, each post is a custom animation by Bisecthosting. Some you may have seen after they went viral! Be the first to view our next TikTok with a follow!