How to kick or ban players on a Starbound server

Starbound servers with large player bases may find it necessary to kick or ban players occasionally to keep things running smoothly or prevent server grief. These commands are also helpful for public servers only intended for a small audience, allowing admins to manage the active players on the server. While Making the Server Private is more secure, kicking or banning unwanted players is also an option for users who do not want to create profiles.

Note Commands can be entered in-game if the player has Admin Privileges.

How to Kick or Ban Players on a Starbound Server
Launch the game and connect to the server with an admin account.

2. Ensure admin privileges are granted by typing /admin .

3. Enter the /list command to find the playerSpecifier needed to kick or ban users.

Note A playerSpecifier can be a client ID, server nickname, or UUID. The /list command outputs are as follows:
[clientID] : [server nickname] : [UUID]

Note ClientID: Changes based on who joins the session in order.
Server Nickname: Changes when a player connects with a different character.
UUID: Never changes between sessions.

4. Use the below commands to kick, ban, or unban players.

5. A list of currently banned players can be found on the BisectHosting Games panel.

6. Go to Config Files > ServerConfig.

7. The banned players will be listed by UUID or IP.

Command Description Example

/ban playerSpecifier [reason] [type] [time]

Bans the target player with the specified settings.
[type] can be ip , uuid , or both . This affects whether a player is banned by their IP Address, UUID, or both.

/ban $$c41239ooa7643925kjl0t3
f22a0438a8 Uninvited both 100

 /kick playerSpecifier [reason]

Kicks the target player by temporarily disconnecting them.
[reason] Is optional and will be displayed to the user.

/kick #1 Uninvited

/unbanip [IP]

Unbans a designated player currently banned by IP.

/unbanip 123.456.789.12

/unbanuuid [UUID]

Unbans a designated player by UUID.

 /unbanuuid $$c41239ooa7643925kjl0


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