How to upload a save on a No One Survived server

In No One Survived servers, uploading a save entails importing a customized game state or save file into the server environment. This feature allows players or administrators to introduce pre-existing worlds, bases, or specific configurations, adding diversity to the gameplay experience. Uploading a save on a No One Survived server is a valuable tool for preserving progress, sharing unique game worlds, or creating consistent scenarios for players on the server.

How to Upload a Save on a No One Survived Server
1. Search for run in the search box or press WindowsKey + R to open the Run command prompt.

2. Enter %appdata% on the line.

3. Go to AppData and find the following directory: \AppData\Local\WRSH\Saved\SaveGames\WorldSaves .

4. Minimize the folder to use later in the tutorial.

5. Log in to the BisectHosting Games panel.

6. Stop the server.

7. Go to the Files tab.

8. Find the following directory: /home/container/WRSH/Saved/SaveGames/WorldSaves .

9. Upload the desired world save from Step 4.

10. Copy the name of the desired save before the underscore.

11. Go to the Startup tab.

12. Under the Server Save Name field, paste the save name from Step 10.

13. Start the server.

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