How to install a modpack on the Modrinth launcher

The Modrinth Launcher is a tool designed to enhance the gaming experience for players of Minecraft and other games. It offers a convenient way to manage and install mods, resource packs, and other modifications, simplifying the process of customizing gameplay. With the Modrinth Launcher, players can easily explore and integrate various user-created content, expanding their gaming worlds' possibilities and personalization options.

How to Install a Modpack on the Modrinth Launcher
1. Download and install the Modrinth launcher here.

2. Launch the Modrinth launcher.

3. Click the Browse icon.

4. Select the Modpacks tab.

5. Choose the desired modpack and select Install.

6. Wait for the installation to finish.

7. Click the Library icon.

8. Hover over the modpack and hit the Play icon to launch.

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