How to use console commands on a Stardew Valley server

Stardew Valley console commands are available through the popular modding tool SMAPI. Players can modify their games using console commands, such as current or max stamina, health, or money. These commands can save a lot of headaches when doing multiple playthroughs of Stardew Valley, as there is a command to do almost anything in the game.

Note The Console Commands mod is bundled in with the main SMAPI download.

How to Use Console Commands on a Stardew Valley Server
1. Download the SMAPI Mod for Stardew Valley.

2. Once installed, launch the game and connect to the server.

3. Open the SMAPI command window.

4. Commands are entered from this window. A complete list of commands is available on the Stardew Valley Wiki or by using the help command.

5. Input any command, and execute it by pressing Enter.

Note Console Commands for Stardew Valley do not require admin access. Any users with SMAPI installed can use them.

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