How to install SMAPI on a Stardew Valley client

Stardew Valley Modding API, also known as SMAPI, is the mod loader for Stardew Valley. SMAPI is required for most types of Stardew Valley mods and can be used with the game to add new features and enhance gameplay. It is completely open source and allows for a greater degree of control over the game mechanics and visuals. With SMAPI, players can enjoy brand new game modes, new items, and new creatures to interact with, as well as improve the game's graphics.

Note SMAPI handles the mods installed on Stardew Valley.
Learn how to install mods here.

How to Install SMAPI on a Stardew Valley Client (Steam)
1. Download the SMAPI mod here.

2. Unzip the SMAPI zip folder.

3. Open and launch install on Windows.bat .

4. Enter 1 to select the default Stardew Valley directory.

5. Enter 1 to install SMAPI.

6. Copy the launch options for Steam.

7. Log in to Steam.

8. Go to Stardew Valley properties.

9. Paste the SMAPI Steam launch options.

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