Stardew Valley quality of life mods

Stardew Valley has an active modding community for adding portraits, quality-of-life features, or brand-new content to the base game. Some of the most downloaded mods are mods that modify the game experience or add flavor to the already enjoyable base game. Quality of life mods can allow farmers to focus more on the activities they care about and helps reduce burnout on subsequent playthroughs.

The server and client must have the same mods installed to prevent discrepancies.

Note Mods may potentially stop working after a SMAPI update.

Stardew Valley Quality of Life Mods
1. Stardew Valley has mods for almost every feature imaginable. One of the most popular and most involved mods is Stardew Valley Expanded, which adds many new locations, events, and NPCs to talk to. Follow our How to Install Stardew Valley Expanded guide for a tutorial covering the unique installation process of this mod.

List of Stardew Valley Mods

Note A detailed mod installation guide can be found here: How to Install Mods on a Stardew Valley Server


Mod Name
Description Links

Lookup Anything

Shows live info about whatever is under the cursor when pressing the F1 Key. Show NPC's favorite gifts, when a crop will be ready for harvest, how long a fence will last, why animals are unhappy and more.
Lookup Anything

Gift Taste Helper

Displays a helpful tooltip showing an NPC's favorite gifts when hovering over their birthday on the calendar or social page.
Gift Taste Helper

NPC Map Locations

See NPC and players' live locations on the map. There is also an optional minimap.

NPC Map Locations


Place a chest next to a machine (such as a furnace) and the machine will automatically pull raw items from the chest and push processed items into it.


No Fence Decay Makes all fences and gates last forever.

No Fence Decay

Better Ranching Prevents failing milking/shearing attempts and indicates when pets and animals can be pet, milked, or sheared.

Better Ranching

Friends Forever Removes friendship decay from the game.

Friends Forever

Skull Cavern Elevator Adds an elevator to the Skull Cavern.

Skull Cavern Elevator

Farm Extended Greatly expands upon the base farm map, allowing for much more room with dedicated areas for foraging, mining, or fishing.

Farm Extended

Stardew Valley Expanded Stardew Valley's most expansive mod will add new locations, NPCs, character events, and an entirely fresh experience for the game.

Stardew Valley Expanded

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