How to install a modpack on the VoidsWrath launcher

The VoidsWrath launcher is a tool for adding and playing Minecraft modpacks made by TheAtlanticCraft. The launcher includes their most popular modpacks, such as JurassicCraft, ScrambleCraft, or CrazyCraft. Its recommended to allocate at least 8 Gigabytes of ram for modpacks installed on the VoidsWrath launcher; in addition to adjusting ram allocation, users can also freely add or remove mods from modpacks.

How to Install a Modpack on the VoidsWrath Launcher
1. Download the VoidsWrath launcher.

2. Extract the .zip to an empty file, and run the VoidLauncher.

3. Select the modpack to install on the left.

4. Press the Play button with the modpack selected.

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