How to create a OneBlock Minecraft server

Minecraft OneBlock is a game mode for Minecraft that puts players on a small island with one regenerating block. Like SkyBlock servers, OneBlock provides players with scarce materials to build their islands. Players can also level up their blocks by breaking them to unlock new materials. OneBlock is a very easy-to-run plugin that allows players to test their creativity with limited resources, with many commands available that will enable players to further customize a OneBlock server.

Servers using OneBlock require PaperMC or Spigot to be installed. Verify the Minecraft version from the jar menu.

How to Create a OneBlock Minecraft Server
1. On the OneBlock Spigot page, press the blue Download button in the top right.

2. Log in to the BisectHosting Premium or Budget panel.

3. Stop the server.

4. Go to the File Manager tab.

5. Open the plugins folder.

6. Upload the .jar file downloaded in step 1.

7. Start the server.

How to Start using OneBlock
1. Find a starting location for the game and type /ob set. This command will spawn a grass block at the user's location and be will the first available island.

. Join the game by typing /ob join. Players can reset their island and progress by typing /ob IDReset.

. Play OneBlock by destroying the regenerating grass block. The goal of OneBlock is to build an island using only the given resources.

/ob set - Sets the first block. Run this once while in the air.
/ob set [radius]
- Replace [radius] with a value between 100 and 500. This command changes the distance islands can spawn from each other.
/ob circlemode [true | false]
- Tells the plugin to create new islands in a circular pattern.
/ob join
- Joins the first available island.
/ob autojoin [true | false]
- Sets if players are automatically sent to their island when joining the world.
/ob protection [true | false]
- When set to true, players cannot leave their island.
/ob droptossup [true | false]
- When set to true, items are spawned one block above the regenerating block instead of being dropped as usual.
/ob physics [true | false]
- When set to true, it allows blocks such as sand or gravel to experience gravity.
/ob invite [player]
- Invites a player to join the island.
/ob accept
- Accepts an invitation from another player.
/ob kick [player]
- Kicks player off the island.
/ob IDReset
- Resets all progress, Players will lose their level and island so that a new island can be created.
/ob islands [true | false]
- If set to true, new islands will be automatically created for new players.
/ob islands set_my_by_def
- Uses own island as the default template for new players.
/ob islands default
- Resets the island template to the default. (One grass block)
/ob island_rebirth [true | false]
- When set to true, players will respawn on their island instead of the default world spawn.
/ob progress_bar color [color]
- Changes the color of the progress bar.
/ob progress_bar [true | false]
- If set to true, this command will display the progress bar at the top of the screen.
/ob clear [player]
- An admin command used to reset a player's progress.

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