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How to Create a OneBlock Server in Minecraft

Posted on by justin
OneBlock Minecraft is a mod wherein players must farm materials and summon enemies with one strict restriction – they’re only standing on one block. It’s a game about making the most out of the materials you find to defeat the boss at the end. But first, you must create a OneBlock Minecraft server, and we're here to help.

How to Create a OneBlock Minecraft Server

OneBlock Minecraft Server Creating a OneBlock Minecraft server might look complicated. But follow these steps, and you can create a server for you and your friends to enjoy OneBlock games.
  • Access the OneBlock Spigot page, and press the Download Now button at the top right
  • Choose the location of the download on your PC if asked and confirm the download
  • Log in to the BisectHosting Premium or Budget panel
  • Stop the server and click the File Manager tab
  • Open the plugins folder, then upload the .jar file downloaded in step 1
  • Start the server
After creating a OneBlock Minecraft server successfully, follow the steps below to start a game:
  1. Open Minecraft and log into the game
  2. Go to your preferred location in the game and type “/ob set” (without the quotes) at the command line to spawn a grass block at your character’s location
  3. Join a OneBlock game by typing “/ob join” (without the quotes) at the command line
If successful, a OneBlock game starts. Your goal is to build an island with the limited space and resources available. Push through the different phases, and you should come face-to-face with the final boss – the Ender Dragon.

OneBlock Minecraft Phases

After setting up a OneBlock server, the challenge can finally begin. Each OneBlock game typically has 10 phases. First, the Plains phase begins, wherein dirt, wood, sheep, and other basic overworld materials and mobs spawn. Players move on to the second phase after 700 blocks. In this stage, the player can gather items from the underground, such as cobblestone, coal, and iron. Underground mobs also spawn, ranging from creepers to zombies. During the third to sixth phases, players have the opportunity to collect items from various biomes. These areas are the Desert, Dungeon, Ocean, Jungle, and Winter biomes. The Nether appears for the seventh phase. That means the player can farm materials like netherrack, nether bricks, glowstone, and soul sand. Nether mobs also appear, such as Blaze, Ghasts, and Withers. The eighth and ninth phases are Idyll and Desolation. Although these stages are fairly mundane, they prepare the player for the tenth and final phase. Once the final phase appears, players must defeat the Ender Dragon using the resources and knowledge they've gathered along the way through the previous nine stages. Here, defeating the Ender Dragon wins the OneBlock game!

OneBlock Server Commands

Server administrators can type “/ob” (without the quotes) followed by a specific command to trigger an action. One example is the /ob join command mentioned in an earlier section. Other commands you can use include:
  • set: Set the first block while airborne
  • set [radius]: Changes the spawning distance between islands from 100 to 500
  • circlemode [true | false]: Create new islands in a circular pattern
  • autojoin [true | false]: Automatically sends players to their islands upon joining the world
  • protection [true | false]: Toggles players’ ability to leave their islands (can trigger the doomed to fall message if protection is off and a player plummets from an island)
  • droptossup [true | false]: Toggles items dropping normally or spawning on a block above the regenerating block
  • physics [true | false]: Toggles gravity for blocks like sand or gravel
  • invite [player]: Invites a specified player to join the island
  • accept: Accepts an invitation sent from another player
  • kick [player]: Kicks specified player from the island
  • IDReset: Resets all game progress, including islands and player levels
  • islands [true | false]: Toggles automatic island creation for new players
  • islands set_my_by_def: Administrator island becomes the default template for new players
  • islands default: Resets island template to default
  • islands_rebirth [true | false]: Toggles spawn location to default or on each player’s island
  • progress_bar [color]: Changes progress bar’s color
  • progress_bar [true | false]: Toggles progress bar display at the top of the screen
  • clear [player]: Reset a specific player’s progress
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