How to edit settings on a Conan Exiles server

Explore how to edit Conan Exiles server settings and tailor the game to your preferred level of difficulty and gameplay style. There are a variety of settings that can be adjusted, including player damage, crafting time, and resource-gathering rates. In addition to the game's core settings, installing mods can also be used to customize the gameplay experience further. Edit your Conan Exiles server settings to your liking and play the game with your rules.

Admin permission is required. Learn how to add admins here.

How to Edit Settings on a Conan Exiles Server
Open Conan Exiles.

2. Press escape while logged onto the server.

3. Choose Settings.

4. Select the Server Settings tab on the far right.

5. Press the Make Me Admin button and log in as admin.

6. Click Back for the admin permissions to take effect.

7. Return to Server Settings.

8. Choose a category on the left and make edits as needed. Changes are automatically applied.

9. See the table below to help locate specific settings.

Server Setting Tab
Settings Included


Game Difficulty, Password, Whitelist, PVP-Schedules, Maximum Nudity Settings, Max Clan Size, Voice Chat.


XP Rate for Kills, Harvesting, Crafting, and the amount gained Passively.

Day/Night Cycle

Sets the speed of the Day/Night Cycle, Catch-up settings for new players.


Settings for dropping equipment on death. Sliders for Thirst, Hunger, Stamina Cost, Sorcery Corruption Cost.


Sliders for Damage Dealt/Taken, Durability, Friendly Fire Damage, NPC Respawn Time, and Avatar Summoning.


Sliders for Spoil Rate, Harvest Amount, Resource Respawn Rate, Land Claim Radius.


Sliders for Player/Thrall Crafting Time, Fuel Burn Time, and Crafting Costs.


Creative Mode, Allow Building anywhere, Stability Restrictions, Decay Time on Buildings/Thralls.


Chat Radius, Max Message Length, Global Chat Toggle.


Enable/Disable, Purge Difficulty, Minimum Players Required to Occur, Purge Prep Time.

Pet and Hunger

Crafting Time for Animal Pen, Food Container Range, Population Limits.

Maelstrom (Isle of Siptah)

Enable/Disable Maelstrom, Minimum Players Required to Occur, Difficulty Sliders, Building/Damage Restrictions.

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