How to allocate more ram in the Technic Launcher

The Technic Launcher is a tool for installing mods or modpacks onto Minecraft. Many popular modpacks are on Technic such as Attack of the B Team, Hexxit, and Feed The Beast. Most modpacks require users to allocate more ram to be used, it's typically recommended to allocate at least 8 Gigabytes (8000 Megabytes) to ensure a smooth experience. Users are also able to customize their modpacks by adding or removing mods.

How to Allocate More Ram in the Technic Launcher

1. From the Technic launcher, choose the Launcher Options button in the top right corner.

2. Click the Java Settings Tab.

3. Choose the Memory drop-down menu and select the desired amount.

4. If the Memory drop-down does not go above 1gb of ram, you need to download the offline 64-bit version of java here. 

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