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Smalland Amber Valleys Update Patch Notes: New Biome, Gear, and More

Posted on by justin
Prepare your Smallfolk Vanguard to survive the challenges and dangers brought by the Amber Valleys. This third major content update adds new gear and features, including an equipment rarity system. So, without further ado, you’ll find what the Smalland Amber Valleys update offers below.

Smalland Amber Valleys Update Patch Notes: New Features and Improvements

Desert Biome

Following the Forbidden Monuments patch, the Smalland Amber Valleys update introduces a new desert biome, increasing the game’s map size. Aside from the new area to explore, players will encounter new NPCs like Granger, a lone rancher, and Sarnak, the Aetherin Priestess. The new desert biome also brings new challenges that players must face when they enter the location’s golden sands. Encounter new tarantula variants, Aetherin squadrons, and beetle herds. There’s also a new Scorpion enemy that players can tame to become a battle mount. Additionally, the skies are no longer safe in the Amber Valleys of Smalland. Here, air-defense towers will aim and shoot down anything that enters their airspace, including you and your Blue Tit mount.

New Gear and Equipment Rarity

Thankfully, the Amber Valleys update doesn’t only bring new dangers. Vanguards can now equip new gear, such as the game’s first firearm – the Handcannon. There’s also the throwable Firesand Grenade to help even the odds. You can also craft the new Telson Hammer, made from a scorpion tail’s bulb. Also, defend yourself from these new dangers with the Scorpiolaminate Armour set. This major patch also adds a new equipment rarity system. Players can now upgrade weapons and armor pieces to increase their stats, particularly damage, durability, and resistance. The five rarity tiers (from lowest to highest) are the following:
  • Standard
  • Superior
  • Exceptional
  • Rare
  • Legendary

Other Additions

Smalland Amber Valleys Update Aside from the additions mentioned above, Smalland also brings other extras to the Amber Valleys update. These add-ons include the following:
  • New food recipes
  • New character emotes
  • New purchasable decoration schematics
  • Narrative continuation
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