How to install the Colony Commands mod on a Colony Survival server

In Colony Survival, the Colony Commands mod is an essential tool for servers seeking enhanced management and a vital anti-griefing feature. It introduces powerful in-game commands enabling players to streamline colony management, deploy troops, and access valuable information to optimize gameplay. Players can efficiently oversee their colonies with this mod and ensure survival in the game's challenging environment.

Select a compatible game version for the latest mod.
Learn how to change to a beta version here.

How to Install the Colony Commands Mod on a Colony Survival Server
1. Download the desired mod version here.

 Log in to the BisectHosting Games Panel.

3. Stop the server.

4. Go to the Files tab.

5. Find the following directory: 
/home/container/gamedata/mods .

6. Upload the .zip file from Step 1.

7. Unarchive the .zip file from Step 6.

From the unarchived folder, open modInfo.json.

Take note of the mod name and version.

Find the following directory:
/home/container/gamedata/savegames/WORLDNAME .

Open the worldconfig.json file.

Enter the following and mod details from Step 9 within the ModConfigEntries brackets[]:
{"ModName":"MODNAME","ModVersionLastKnown":"MODVERSION","Enabled":true} .

13. Press the Save Content button.

14. Start the server. 

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