How to disable fall damage on a Colony Survival server

In Colony Survival, fall damage is a mechanic where colonists and players can take damage if they fall from heights that exceed a certain threshold. Falling from elevated positions, such as towers or cliffs, can result in injuries or even death for both the colonists and the player character. To prevent fall damage, players need to ensure the safety of their colonists by providing safe pathways or structures that control them from falling from dangerous heights, contributing to their colony's overall success and well-being.

How to Disable Fall Damage on a Colony Survival Server
1. Log in to the BisectHosting Games Panel.

2. Stop the server.

3. Go to the Files tab.

4. Find the following directory: /home/container/gamedata/settings .

 Open serverperclient.json.

6. Navigate to the "FallDamageBaseDamage" line.

7. Change the values of "FallDamageBaseDamage" and "FallDamagePerUnit" to 0 .

8. Press the Save Content button.

9. Start the server. 

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