How to upload a custom world to a Minecraft server

Uploading a custom world to a Minecraft server can provide players with a pre-built environment to explore, build in, and interact. It is a great way to share Minecraft creations and collaborate with other players to create even more elaborate structures and landscapes. Uploading a custom world to a Minecraft server can build a community of players with similar interests who enjoy playing the game together. 

An FTP client is required to transfer files over 500mb onto the Minecraft server. Follow this tutorial to learn how to use an FTP client.

Note World save location will vary depending on the type of launcher used.
For the official launcher, saves can be found in %appdata%\.minecraft\saves\ .

How to Upload a Custom World to a Minecraft Server
1. Right-click the world folder, then choose Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder.

2. Minimize the file to use later in the tutorial.

3. Log in to the BisectHosting Games panel.

4. Stop the server.

5. Go to the Files tab.

6. Drag and drop the .zip file from step 2.

7. Right-click on the .zip file and choose Unarchive.

8. Go to Config Files > Server Properties from the left sidebar.

9. Navigate to the Level Name section and Change the name to the uploaded world folder.

10. Start the server.

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