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What is the Minecraft Marketplace Pass?

Posted on by amber
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A recent announcement by Mojang has left the community torn, but not everything is exactly as it seems. So, today, we explain the Minecraft Marketplace Pass, debate whether it is actually a battle pass, and see what awaits for those willing to give the service a try.

Minecraft Marketplace Pass Explained

The Minecraft Marketplace Pass is a monthly subscription with a cost of $3.99 USD, which provides access to over 150+ pieces of Minecraft Marketplace content. However, the “content” contained within is more specifically themed worlds, mini-games, texture packs, skin packs, and limited-time creator items.

Is the Minecraft Marketplace Pass a Battle Pass?

Minecraft Marketplace Pass Promo Image In this case, the answer is technically no. The Minecraft Marketplace Pass is more closely related to the Microsoft Game Pass in that it provides access to a catalog of DLC for a monthly subscription. However, the reason it is technically a no instead of an outright no is that the Minecraft Marketplace Pass does include monthly limited-time cosmetics that subscribed players can claim. Their numbers are far fewer than what one would find in an actual battle pass, but there are cosmetics behind it nonetheless.

Community Reactions

Twitter Logo The community reactions to the Minecraft Marketplace Pass announcement have not been in Mojang’s favor. Across X (Twitter), YouTube, and Reddit, fans have made their displeasure known at the increasing number of microtransactions, but the company was not without its defenders either. Some fans stated they did not understand the outrage as it was not much different from the widely praised Microsoft Game Pass but instead for Minecraft DLC. Those who disagreed argued the inclusion of limited-time monthly cosmetics made it much the same as a battle pass masked as something better while still capitalizing on FOMO.

The Future of Minecraft

Minecraft has come a long way from the days when microtransactions were an April Fool's joke. But, with two separate versions of the game, players can thankfully move to the one that better fits their style of play. What do you think the introduction of the Marketplace Pass means for the future of the game? Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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