How to change farm settings on a Stardew Valley server

Changing farm settings on a Stardew Valley server allows players to customize their gameplay experience. It provides the flexibility to modify various aspects of the farm, such as the layout, starting resources, and difficulty settings. Players can adjust these settings to suit their preferences, whether they want a larger farm area, more starting money, or a more challenging gameplay experience.

Note Changing the settings midgame requires a new save to take effect.

Note Make backups locally to save any necessary files.

How to Change Farm Settings on a Stardew Valley Server
1. Log in to the BisectHosting Games panel.

2. Stop the server.

3. Under the Config Files tab, select Dedicated Server Config.

4. Modify the settings as desired.

Setting Options Description
"AcceptPet": true, truefalse Determines if the farm pet should be accepted.
"EnableCropSaver": true,
true, false
When enabled, seasonal crops planted by players and fully grown before the season's end are guaranteed to give at least one more harvest before dying.
"PurchaseJojaMembership": false, true, false
Determines if the automated host should "purchase" (acquire for free) a Joja membership when available, committing to the Joja route.
"FarmName": "FarmName", [Farm Name] Edits the name of the farm and creates a new save when the name does not yet exist.
"StartingCabins": 3, 0, 1, 2, 3 The number of starting cabins for the farm. To add more cabins, see here.
"CabinLayout": "nearby", nearbyseparate Specifies the starting cabin layout.
"ProfitMargin": "normal", normal75%50%25% The farm's profit margin.
"MoneyStyle": "shared", shared, separate Determines whether money is shared or separate among farmers
"FarmType": "standard", standard, riverland, forest, hilltop, wilderness, fourcorners, beach The type of farm.
"CommunityCenterBundles": "normal", normal, remixed The community center bundle type.
"GuaranteeYear1Completable": false, truefalse Determines if the community center should be guaranteed completable during the first year.
"MineRewards": "normal", normalremixed The mine rewards type.
"SpawnMonstersOnFarmAtNight": false, truefalse Determines if monsters should spawn on the farm at night.
"RandomSeed": null, null[integers] Specifies the farm's random seed. It only accepts integers and can go up to 9 digits.
"PetSpecies": "dog", dogcat The desired pet species. Irrelevant if AcceptPet is false.
"PetBreed": 0, 012 Specifies the pet breed index. 0 selects the leftmost breed; 1 selects the middle breed; 2 selects the rightmost breed. Irrelevant if AcceptPet is false.
"PetName": "Max", [Pet Name] The desired pet name. Irrelevant if AcceptPet is false.
"MushroomsOrBats": "Mushrooms" MushroomsBats Choose between the mushroom or bat cave.

On the "FarmName": line, change the name between the quotations to create a new save.

6. Start the server.

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