How to disable dropping equipment on death on a Conan Exiles server

Conan Exiles features a huge handcrafted map either by default or with the DLC Isle of Siptah map. Traveling in Conan Exiles is very time-consuming for both maps, leading to grief when dying far away from spawn points. Disabling equipment loss on death can help to incentivize exploration when playing, lessening the fear of losing gear or having to make multiple long trips to retrieve dropped equipment.

Admin privileges are required to enter creative mode. Follow this tutorial to learn how to.

How to Disable Dropping Equipment on Death on a Conan Exiles Server

1. Connect to the Conan Exiles server and log in as an admin.

2. Press escape and open the Settings menu.

3. Go to the Server Settings tab.

4. Open the Survival settings from the sidebar.

5. Navigate to the Drop Equipment on Death section.

6. From the drop-down menu, select Drop Nothing.

7. Any changes made are saved automatically. Players will now no longer lose equipment on death.

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