How to change the difficulty on a Conan Exiles server

Conan Exiles has a highly variable difficulty level and has three options available for game difficulty presets. Generally speaking, the presets will make the game harder or more forgiving by automatically adjusting the available sliders for player/NPC damage and other settings like durability. This means that players can essentially craft Custom Difficulties by manually adjusting the available sliders.

Admin privileges are required to enter creative mode. Follow this tutorial to learn how to.

to Change the Difficulty on a Conan Exiles Server

1. Connect to the Conan Exiles server and log in as an admin.

2. Press escape and open the Settings menu.

3. Go to the Server Settings tab.

4. Difficulty options will be listed from the top of the General menu.

5. Select the preferred difficulty, and choose OK to confirm the change.

6. Changing difficulty will reset the Admin Password. Choose Yes to confirm the change.

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