How to kick or ban players on a Sons of the Forest server

Sons of the Forest allows players to express their creativity with the new in-depth building system openly. Some players, however, may be inclined to cause mischief on Sons of the Forest servers by stealing items or blowing up player-made structures. If these players are causing constant issues, they can be quickly removed from Sons of the Forest servers using the in-game menu.

Players must first be granted Admin Privileges to use the kick/ban functions.

Note Players with 'Trusted' or above ranks cannot be kicked or banned from servers.

How to Kick or Ban Players on a Sons of the Forest Server
1. Connect to the Sons of the Forest Server

2. From in-game, press the Esc key to open the menu, then choose the Players tab.

3. Select the Kick or Ban button Next to the player's name in Connected Players.

4. Banned players can be viewed from the Banned Players menu. Selecting Authorize will unban the player.

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